tiger king trivia

Netflix’s Tiger King has taken the world by storm, and seemingly everybody is talking about it. If you’re a Tiger King fan, you’re going to want to listen up, because you could put your knowledge of the series to the test and win some great prizes.

Tiger King Trivia Night is coming to the internet, and now’s your chance to sign up for your chance to compete with fellow fans of the show and win big.

The Tiger King Trivia Night will be held on two nights. Wednesday, April 22 at 8 pm and Saturday, April 26 at 5 pm Central Time. Tickets are only $10 to attend this trivia game that will be held via Zoom, and you can win prizes like Amazon gift cards, free entry to future events, and more.

So, how does the virtual trivia night work? Well, there will be six rounds of feuding that will take place that will incorporate video compilations, creative challenges, “would you rather” polls, and even a diss song/video from Carol Baskin. All of this will last for about 80 minutes.

Tiger King Trivia Night will be hosted by the Los Angeles Museum of Love which is committed to creating connections via adventures. They are creatively maintaining their mission of developing connections by bringing you this event and contributing to the fascination of Tiger King.

After you purchase your ticket, a zoom link and information on the trivia night held online will be sent to you. If you feel like contributing your knowledge on Tiger King in the trivia night, sign up here to claim your spot!