visiting galveston during covid

Galveston, Texas offers plenty of great attractions and fun for the whole family. Anyone that has ever visited the area could tell you that. Like most places in the country, Galveston has had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. This included businesses closing, restaurants shutting their doors to in-person dining, and most entertainment venues postponing live shows. Luckily, things are beginning to reopen and more opportunities for some safe socialization are beginning to open up.

The important thing to realize is that while things are starting to reopen, there are some differences in what’s open, what’s still closed, and what safety requirements, if any, need to be followed when visiting.

Here is an updated guide to what’s happening in Galveston right now:

If you’re over 10 years old, you’re required to wear a mask in all public spaces. This means that if you’re sitting in your car with the air conditioning on, you won’t need a mask. When you open the door to head out to the beach, museum, or shopping center, you’ll need to put your mask on.

When it comes to events, any private event that has 500 or more guests, needs to be approved by the city. Speaking of events, currently, no special events permits are being issued at this time. This means that for the time being, events like concerts that make it hard to social distance, won’t be happening in the city.

All beaches are open to the public.

Many businesses are open at limited, 50% capacity. This includes:

  • Amusement Parks & Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Fitness Classes

Some bars are accepting to-go orders.

All retailers are open and complying with the statewide mask mandate. Barbershops and hair salons are also open. Social distancing guidelines will be followed, and mask rules are being followed.

These guidelines are in place for the time being with the hope that all businesses and events will return to full capacity in the future. For now, this is the safest way to continue to reopen the island for residents and visitors.


Galveston Continues to Offer Safe Activities for All to Enjoy

You can still head down to the island this summer for some safe, socially distant fun. There are tons of great activities going on right now to enjoy, like bird watching, sandcastle building lessons, self-guided sculpture tours, turtle statue hunting, and more.

For tons of great ideas for free and safe fun in Galveston this summer, check out their website with the latest info about activities and events.