watch houston texans online

The playoffs are here and the Texans are hoping to make a deep run.

As the Texans gear up for another postseason, fans are making plans to watch each game. Whether getting together with friends, catching the game at a local bar, or hanging out at home, it’s good to have options. And for our frugal readers, it’s good to have cheap options to watch Houston Texans games. Luckily, you can now watch Houston Texans online in very cost-effective ways, and save a bunch compared to cable TV!

How to Watch Houston Texans Online (without Cable TV)

For the 2018 season, it will actually be quite easy to watch Texans games online without cable or satellite TV. This is thanks to several online streaming services that have launched in recent years. These services (described in detail below) let you watch live TV without paying a fortune for cable. You’ll pay $25 to $50 per month or so for access to many of your favorite channels – and there’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time.

These services work over the internet. You can use them on most devices, including streaming players (hooked up to your TV) like Roku and Chromecast, smart TVs, computers, tablets, and even smartphones.

If you look at the Houston Texans TV schedule, most games air on either CBS, NBC, FOX, NFL Network or ESPN. So, you’ll want to choose a streaming service that offers most or all of these channels. The services listed below will give you access to most of the channels you need to watch Texans online this season.


Watch Texans Online with Hulu Live


At a Glance: Stream 50+ channels and a huge on-demand library for $40 per month. Covers most Texans game live streams this season. 7-day free trial available.

Hulu Live is a new service from the popular Hulu online streaming platform. For $40 a month, fans can get access to more than 50 channels, including the local channels (NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC) that will air the bulk of Texans games this year. You’ll also get great channels like ESPN, TNT, FX and many more. Hulu Live subscribers also get access to the massive on-demand library that provides hundreds of thousands of hours of TV shows, movies and more.

Hulu Live starts at $40 a month, with no contract. You can use it on just about any device that’s capable of streaming video. For the 2018 season and beyond, Hulu Live will be a great way to stream Texans football online.

Click here to start a 7-day free trial!


Get the Houston Texans Live Stream with fuboTV


At a Glance: Watch 75+ channels + a cloud DVR for $45 per month. Covers the bulk of Texans games this year. Free 7-day trial.

fuboTV is a streaming service that was specifically built for sports fans. It offers an impressive 75+ channels in its basic package alone, which runs $45 a month. The bulk of included channels are sports networks, but there are still plenty of entertainment, news and movie channels to enjoy.

fuboTV gives Houston-area residents most of the channels needed to watch Texans football online. It’s missing ESPN, which is set to host one Texans game live stream this season. Other than that, you should be able to catch the majority of Texans games if you live in the region.

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Watch the Houston Texans Online via DIRECTV NOW


At a Glance: Enjoy 65+ channels + cloud DVR for $40 per month. Many more channels available with add-on packages. Good coverage for Texans fans. Free 7-day trial.

DIRECTV NOW is another very popular streaming service. Not to be confused with normal DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW is an online-only streaming service. It offers 65+ channels in the basic package, which runs $40 a month. It’s also non-contract, and works on the vast majority of devices.

Like the others discussed here, this service lets you watch the Houston Texans live stream each week the game falls on a covered channel. DIRECTV NOW offers the local channels in select areas (including FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC), as well as national channels like ESPN and NFL Network. It’s a good option for sports fans, but it also covers TONS of great entertainment, news and movie channels.

DIRECTV NOW offers a free 7-day trial – click here to try it out!


Watch Houston Texans without Cable with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

At a Glance: Get 45+ channels for $45 per month. Good coverage for Texans fans and great for entertainment in general. 5-day free trial.

PlayStation Vue is an online streaming service from Sony. Despite the name, the service does not require you to be a PlayStation user. It works like the other services discussed here, providing Texans live streaming on many of your favorite devices.

Vue covers the key channels you’ll need for Houston Texans streaming. It’s also great for keeping up with the news, catching the latest TV shows, and more. There are even premium channels like HBO available as add-ons!

Try a 5-day free trial of Vue by clicking here!


Other Options

The services listed above have the most covered channels when it comes to Houstons games. That said, there are other ways to watch Houston Texans online this season:

CBS All AccessFree 7-day trial – from $5.99 a month

CBS All Access gives you live streaming access to CBS, which covers a good amount of Texans games this year. It also comes with an impressive on-demand library of tons of shows. However, it only covers CBS, so it’s not a complete option to watch Houston Texans online.


Sling TV Free 7-day trial – from $25 a month

Sling TV is similar to many of the services discussed here. It covers a wide variety of channels, so it’s great for sports fans and the whole family. It has many of the channels that are important for Texans fans, however, it’s missing CBS which is set to air the majority of games this year.


NFL Game PassFree 7-day trial – from $100 per season

NFL Game Pass is an on-demand streaming service that lets you watch replays of each regular season game, starting shortly after they air live. So, if you want to watch Texans online and don’t mind a bit of a wait, it’s a viable option. But again, this won’t give you the Texans live stream.


So, there you have it – the best ways to watch Houston Texans online this season. Questions about watching NFL games? Let us know in the comments below!