stimulus check


Thanks to the coronavirus relief bill, the CARES Act, most Americans will receive a $1,200 stimulus check. The bill was passed in late March, but many people are still uncertain about when they will be receiving a check. While we cannot give you a specific date for any one person, we can say that some direct deposits will start going out this week. Paper checks will take longer than direct deposit. It’s hard to say when they will go out. Some reports say checks will go out in May, others state that it could be until summer or longer until the paper checks arrive.

While we can’t tell you when to expect your check, we can tell you some ways that will help you get your check faster. The following options are things that you can do in an attempt to speed up the process of getting your stimulus check.

Have Direct Deposit Set up

The fastest way to get your stimulus money is going to be through direct deposit. If the IRS has access to your bank account information through a tax refund in previous years, your stimulus check will be deposited into your account. Those checks will be the ones that will go out first. If your direct deposit isn’t set up with the IRS, you can register to get that information where it needs to go through TurboTax.

Ensure your Address is Correct

If you haven’t done your taxes this year and have moved since the last time you did them, you might worry that your information is out of date. Unfortunately, there is no way to change your address with the IRS online. You can call the IRS, though it’s likely the call times will be through the roof. You’re also able to mail in a form. You can find out about your options on the IRS website.

If you Need to File Taxes, Do It

In normal years Tax Day is on April 15. Due to COVID-19, Tax Day has been pushed back to July 15. That said, if you’ve been putting it off, you might want to get it done anyway. If you need to make sure the IRS has your direct deposit information or that it’s correct, this is going to be the easiest way to get them the information they need. The same goes for your address. Depending on your financial situation, this may also help you get some additional money in the form of a tax return.

Don’t Believe Scams

If someone contacts you to discuss your stimulus check and how to get it faster, the best thing you can do is to assume it’s a scam. The IRS is not going to contact you about a faster way to get your check. Even if you owe taxes, if you’re supposed to get a check based on your income, you will get one. Your owed taxes have nothing to do with you getting this check.

The most important thing to remember is that there’s no surefire way to know when your check is coming. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a way to get your check faster. What we can tell you is that people that have their correct information on file with the IRS, including direct deposit information, will be the first in line to get their stimulus money.