Duke the sea lion

New at Moody Gardens: Duke the Sea Lion

A new and exciting surprise awaits everyone at Moody Gardens, and that is the entry of Duke the California Sea Lion in the North Pacific Exhibit. Duke has been a resident of the Denver Zoo. However, since the zoo’s sea lion exhibit is currently under construction, Duke has been transferred to this new home. 

At the North Pacific Exhibit, which is approximately 20 feet deep, Duke will share space with four Harbor seals and another California sea lion named Same. He is already being introduced to the existing residents. However, it is understood that Duke may take some time to adjust himself to this new home and partner. These sea lions are expected to make perfect companions in the days to come, and experts will closely monitor their chemistry.

Duke is an Amazing Sea Animal to Work With!

The authorities expect Duke, who recently turned seven on June 15, to be a social and active addition for other seals and a sea lion in the North Pacific Exhibit. He has proved his animal husbandry behaviors with ease and has been a delight to work with. Duke loves blowing raspberries, people watching him, and trailing along with his new friends. Aquarium Curator Diane Olsen is excited to have Duke on board and optimistic about becoming a great company to Sam.

About California Sea Lions

One usually spots California sea lions on islands off Southern California and Baja California in Mexico, up the US. West Coast to Vancouver Island, Canada. They primarily eat fish and squid and can remain underwater at a time for an average of 20 minutes. Their entry into the North Pacific Exhibit is an opportunity for Moody Gardens to educate people about their issues. California sea lions have been impacted by pollution, domestic animal attacks, boat propellers, etc.

About Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid

Moody Gardens’ North Pacific Exhibit is situated inside the Aquarium Pyramid, one of the largest and the most diverse aquariums across the US. It has 1.5 million gallons of water and is home to marine life from five different environments. In addition to seals and sea lions, it includes over 200 different fish species, sharks, penguins, etc. To know more about Moody Gardens, click here.

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