ziprecruiter review


If you own a business and are in need of some new employees, you probably have a variety of hiring methods. Before the internet, businesses had to rely on paper applications and other in-person methods. Now there are job boards, job sites, and hiring options that allow you to post jobs and watch the applicants roll in! Of course, if you’re new to online hiring you might become overwhelmed by the options that are available. The majority of job posting services are free for employees, but employers are charged a fee to post their jobs. This makes it really important to find the services that are going to yield the highest quality applicants for your money.

While the process of posting jobs is easy, it’s clear that there is a big difference in the quality of the available services. Here are some of the best sites to look to if you want to start posting online job listings.



ZipRecruiter is one of the best choices for employers to find quality applicants online! The process is simple, and you’ll be able to sit back and see the applications roll in!

You can have your job posting finished and ready to post within minutes. Your posting will reach millions of potential employees through the ZipRecruiter website, and also through the 100+ job sites that ZipRecruiter will add your posting to.

ZipRecruiter also gives you additional tools like pre-screening questions that help you find the right applicants for you. This makes hiring easier. It also makes it faster because the screening questions bring in applicants that are suitable for your project. You’ll also be able to promote your job listings using email alerts.

Flexible job posting, resume sorting, and other features are also available. All of these features will help you find the right employees for you in the fastest and most productive way possible!

If you’re worried about price, ZipRecruiter can customize a package for you to ensure that you have access to the services that you need the most. You can even try a 4-day trial before you fully commit to any package.



Another great job posting site is Nexxt. You’ll have access to over 50 million job seekers all looking for their next new opportunity. Reponses will vary based on the jobs being posted, but most employers report at least 15 applicants for every post. Many postings even receive more than that! If you’re looking for a reliable service that has been around for years, Nexxt has been in business since 1998! Subscriptions are available starting at less than $200 per month. They even offer tools like SmartMatch to help increase the odds of you finding the right applicants for you.



Whether you’re looking for a job or someone to hire, most people have heard of Monster allows you to buy job postings in bulk. This cuts down on the price. Even if you’re a smaller business, you can use the postings when you want, you don’t have to use them all at the same time. The major benefit to a service like Monster is that it comes with a name that job seekers are familiar with and use on a regular basis.


Career Builder

Career Builder is one of the most viewed websites in America, making a great choice if you want the most applicants to see your job postings. Flexible pricing solutions are available, so what you pay is directly related to the services and offerings you need. You can even post job postings in bulk to get more favorable pricing. Smaller businesses might not be able to take advantage of that feature, but if you’re a larger company this is something that could save you time and money!

Have you used any of the job posting services on our list? Let us know where you’re going to find the best employees for your hiring needs!