whitehat jr

Coding is one of the most valuable skills to have in modern times and promises to be even more useful in the future, and every child should learn to code. In a society where computers and technology are an increasingly crucial facet of everyday life, it’s a no-brainer why more and more people are educating themselves on the processes of computer programming. 

Those with coding knowledge today likely acquired it in recent years. However, young students now have the ability to start learning about these systems early on!  

WhiteHat Jr. is a phenomenal EdTech platform that teaches children about coding in enjoyable and comprehensible ways. Through their programs, kids from ages 6 to 14 can get a headstart on computer knowledge by way of a structured curriculum. And the best part is you can try it free to see their amazing program in action.

This curriculum is made up of 40-minute virtual sessions run by certified teachers. Although the foundation is built upon a teacher-student correspondence, these sessions are highly interactive and dependent on participation. 

The format of these lessons are presented as animated games and challenges, and can even be accessed through the Whitehat Jr. app! In addition to promoting the value of coding, the company also highlights the joy that can be found through learning about and succeeding within this area of expertise. 

According to recent reports, 65% of children currently in primary school will wind up in careers and job types that don’t even exist yet. Think about that for a moment — coding may not be part of every student’s daily learning, but maybe it should be. 

If you want your child to be ahead of the curve, or at least stay on top of it, computer programming skills seem to be a new but necessary priority. In short, WhiteHat Jr. provides the means to technology education, an area of schooling in which public schools are still on the fence about. 

With virtual classrooms currently standing in as a required mode of learning, Whitehat Jr.’s programs can fit seamlessly into your child’s daily schedule. The company also allows members to choose from a selection of curriculums, ranging in time commitment, area of concentration, and skill level. Due to the flexibility, easy accessibility, and brilliant purpose of these programs, Whitehat Jr. has garnered an impressive following since its launch in 2018. Whitehat Jr. boasts an incredible 700,000 members, and is growing rapidly!

Even if your child doesn’t pursue coding as a career later in life, learning to code teaches them a number of valuable skills. Coding teaches kids how to problem-solve, how to think outside the box, how to be creative, and how to be detail-oriented. The benefits of having your kid take coding classes are numerous.

To dive deeper, check out Whitehat Jr.’s website or book a free trial!  You’ll see — this educational program, without question, is a smart move.