Whole Foods Launches Exclusive Discounts for Amazon Prime Members

When Amazon bought all-natural grocery chain Whole Foods last year, it was widely expected that the organic grocer might soon begin offering exclusive discounts and deals for Amazon Prime members. After nearly a year of waiting, that partnership has finally emerged. Whole Foods recently unveiled its much-anticipated loyalty program which offers special deals for Amazon Prime members. What will this mean for shopping for the best deals on organic foods?

For one, it means Prime customers can get an additional 10% off hundreds of items already marked down for sale. In addition, Prime members have access to exclusive rotating weekly specials on organic produce, meats, and other products. Given just how successful Amazon has been in other sectors, there’s no doubt that this new Whole Foods loyalty program will be a winner, particularly among health-conscious Prime members looking for a more affordable way to eat healthy foods.

Already, analysts believe Amazon could become a serious contender in the grocery wars. Reuters has called the new Whole Foods loyalty program a “surgical strike in the already brutal grocery price war,” writing that these new discounts could make Whole Foods cheaper than conventional grocers for Prime members. Thanks to its domination of nearly every internet service and e-commerce sector out there, Amazon has the ability to disrupt the margin-based model of traditional grocers and operate at a loss until they find their winning formula. “They’re going to experiment like crazy,” says Tom Furphy, formerly a VP of consumables at AmazonFresh and now CEO of a venture capital firm. “I would be completely surprised if they have it all figured out by now.”

Amazon’s new Whole Foods perks are already available in Florida but will roll out in all locations this summer, including the eight locations in the Houston area. Has there been a better reason to join Amazon Prime?