When it comes to indoor playspaces in Houston, it doesn’t really get any better than Wonderwild. It’s an amazing space with plenty of room for little kids and bigger kids alike to let loose and have fun with incredible playscapes, jumping pillows, and soft play sculptures. Plus, they’ve taken some great measures to ensure the safety of visitors during these uncertain times with thorough cleaning and sanitizing practices, timed admission, mask and sock rules (kids aren’t required to wear masks but are encouraged to do so; adults must wear masks), and other safety guidelines.

Simply put, Wonderwild in the Heights is a must-visit for parents who are looking for a safe, exciting place for their kids to play indoors.

This week, the popular playspace announced it would be raising its prices for the first time ever in August, but encouraged customers to take advantage of its current 10-pass offer to get the biggest savings possible before the increase.

“About ten years ago, we opened Wonderwild with admissions prices starting at $10 for walkers and $8 for non-walkers. Starting Monday, Aug. 3, 2020, due to situations brought on by COVID, we will be increasing our admission prices for the first time ever,” the company said in an email. “Walkers will now be $12 instead of $10, non-walkers will be $10 instead of $8 (not including tax).”

The price increase is certainly very modest, and for everything Wonderwild offers, it’s still one of the best places to take kids for a fun break from the heat.

However, if you’re wanting to save big before the price increases and you’re someone who goes to Wonderwild on a regular basis throughout the year, you might want to take advantage of their current 10-pass deal.

“What does this mean for you? Here’s a great chance to purchase ten passes before prices go up! That means instead of a savings of $15 when you purchase a ten pass, you save $35! Instead of paying $12 to enter, it will be $8.50!,” the email continued.

Remember, the 10 passes allow you to spread out your visits and attend at your convenience, which is especially important for those who might not feel comfortable visiting the playspace right now but who still want to lock in the lowest price for future visits.

To learn more about the 10-pass offer, check out their website before the prices go up in August.

The popular play spot also wanted to remind visitors that they are taking health and safety very seriously right now.

“We continue to adhere to a strict cleaning schedule every two hours. We encourage everyone to wear masks and socks, but adults are required to wear masks and socks at all times in the facility,” they said in the message.

For more info, visit GoWonderwild.com.