In a world where virtually every single live sporting event has been canceled, the WWE has decided to press forward with their Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View event. The flagship event of the year for the company, Wrestlemania will be different than ever before this year – not only will it be a two night event rather than one, but it also won’t have a crowd.

The company will obviously take a huge financial hit, losing out on ticket sales, merch revenue, and more.

However, the WWE is trying to get creative with the merchandise it is selling online. This can be seen in the clever T-shirt design that states “Wrestlemania, I Wasn’t There.”

The shirt is available in adult men and women’s versions, as well as for kids.

The slogan is actually used on a couple of shirts in the shop. You can view all the Wrestelmani merch here. 

WWE Wrestlemania takes place April 4-5, this weekend. You can watch the event on WWE Network. New subscribers can stream Wrestlemanie free here with a trial.