heb employee raise

H-E-B is going to continue to reward its hardworking employees during the coronavirus outbreak by again extending the $2-an-hour temporary pay raise for hourly employees.

Initially, H-E-B gave its hourly store, warehouse, manufacturing, and delivery partners the $2-per-hour raise back in March, saying it would last until April 12. However, the grocer decided to extend the raise until May 10, and then made an announcement it would keep the raise for another two weeks beyond that.

Now, employees will get to keep their temporary pay increase for at least another month until June 21.

“Texans rely on H-E-B and we rely on our great Partners. We understand it is our responsibility to provide essential services to our customers during a time when so many other businesses have not been able to stay open or have had to scale back operations significantly,” the company said in a statement.

An email to employees during the company’s Partner Appreciation Month announced the extension, saying “You’ve done an exceptional job taking care of each other, our customers and our communities. You’re demonstrating more than ever how H-E-B is a company that puts people first.”

In addition to extending the pay increase for employees, H-E-B also said it would accelerate merit increases for store and supply chain workers starting June 22. This will allow some hourly employees to receive their permanent raises in June as opposed to August and November, when they were originally scheduled to be enacted.

“Partners come together during times of crisis to take care of each other and our Customers. This is the Spirit of H-E-B,” the grocer said when initially announcing its raise for employees.