It’s that time once again: back to school season. While the end of summer usually means a lot of groaning and grumbling from kids who want to hang on to every last bit of their summer freedom, for parents it means a bit of great news: Texas’ Sales Tax Holiday. During this tax free weekend, sales tax is withheld from a number of different back-to-school necessities and household items. What can you buy on the cheap during tax free weekend?

Texas’ Sales Tax Holiday is held from today, August 10 through Sunday August 12. Unfortunately, the holiday doesn’t mean that everything is tax free, but a wide range of goods are covered by this sales tax break. Typically, items must cost under $100 per item and fall under certain categories.

Clothing and footwear are exempt from sales taxes this weekend for each individual footwear or clothing item sold for less than $100. There is no limit to the number of clothing items which can be purchased tax-free.

School supplies, including backpacks, are also included in the Texas’ Sales Tax Holiday. Backpacks cannot feature wheels or frames – they are eligible only if they are intended for school use. Computer bags, purses, and luggage do not apply. Most school supplies including, notebooks, binders, pens and pencils, paper, and similar items are covered. A full list of eligible school supplies can be found here.

For a full list of which kinds of items qualify for this tax break, check out the Texas Comptroller’s Office official guide to tax free weekend. There are certain situations in which business accounts can be used to purchase school supplies, but Form 01-339, the Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate, must be completed and presented to sellers in order to qualify.

Don’t miss this chance to save on those much needed school supplies and clothes! If you’ve got more than one child in your house, this is your chance to potentially save a few hundred dollars on necessities.