arts crafts workshops online

Some of the best things around right now are the utilization of virtual streaming platforms. They enable us to chat with our family members, get together with friends, and even host virtual graduations and birthdays. But have you ever thought about doing virtual arts and crafts classes with your kids?

It’s super easy for kids to get bored so we have to get creative in the activities we want them to try in and around the house. And with the right amount of imagination you can create some beautiful out of everyday items in your home! Well, thanks to Goldstar you now have access to these great virtual workshops that are perfect for your kiddos.

They’ll keep them both educated and entertained while you finish up your work for your job or getting things done at home. These virtual workshops will also get their creative side going as they dive into many different art projects that actually stimulate their brain. This is great because they’ll get off their phones and social media and provide them a chance to get some fun learning at home.

So how do these classes work?

Well, they’ll be streamed on Zoom a virtual platform that’s perfect for getting larger or small groups together from everything to work and play. The virtual class for your kids is actually designed to be taught online so they won’t be missing out on anything crucial while they’re having fun. And the great news is you barely need any supplies.

They’ll be using everyday objects and basic art supplies that they probably already have to make various projects while sharpening their minds. Each class will be different and will be host by Catherine Ruhl who has five years of experience teaching adults and kids in New York City.

Some of the supplies typically needed include the following: Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils Paper Construction Paper Tape Watercolor paint set Glue Scissors String or Yarn.

Click here for more information on upcoming virtual arts and craft workshops for kids. New class dates are being added regularly.