Awesome Lego Exhibition in Houston

Awesome LEGO® Exhibition in Houston

LEGO® enthusiasts mark your calendars! For a limited time, the award-winning Awesome Exhibition – The interactive Exhibition of LEGO® Models created by LEGO® Certified Professional Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught comes to the George R. Brown Convention Center. Made entirely from LEGO® blocks (over 1 million bricks!) the exhibition takes spectators on a journey around the world with awesome replicas sure to amaze builders, creators, and families! 

Awesome LEGO® Exhibition in Houston – Immersive Adventures

Awesome Exhibition – The Interactive Exhibition of LEGO® Models

The exhibition is made up of four themed rooms each with immersive audio components and interactive zones for guests to build their own masterpieces and spruce up the imagination. Plus: nearly each display has Mr. and Mrs. Awesome hidden, find them and make sure to snap a picture!

Learn more about each room below:

Awesome Journey 

Awesome LEGO Exhibition in Houston

The Awesome Journey will showcase various landmarks around the globe including a towering Eiffel Tower, Windsor Castle, Sydney Opera Houston and unique wild animals like the kangaroo, and platypus, a family of penguins and so much more.

Let’s Go to the Movies! 

Awesome LEGO Exhibition in Houston - Movies Exhibit

Let’s Go to the Movies will evoke nostalgic feelings with the iconic 1981 Delorean time machine reminiscent of Back to the Future, The Simpsons TV with the signature living room on the screen, and various movie posters of classics including E.T, Star Trek, and Star Wars to name a few.

The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone Exhibit at Awesome LEGO Exhibition in Houston

The Danger Zone exhibit will house a replica of the NASA SLS (make sure to wait and hear it take off!), the Trieste Bathyscaphe submarine, and thrilling animals like the crocodile, redback spider, orca and so much more.

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick exhibit at the Awesome LEGO Exhibition in Houston

The Brick by Brick exhibit will display a giant LEGO® brick and LEGO® snake wall where attendees will be able to place their own creations.

Upon entry, each attendee will receive a LEGO® passport that will be stamped in each room as a commemorative gift.

Awesome LEGO® Exhibition in Houston – Tickets, Schedule, Location & More! 

Awesome Exhibition – The Interactive Exhibition of LEGO® Models

When: October 29, 2022, to December 3, 2022; Click here for the complete list of dates.

Where: George R. Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX 77010, United States

Tickets: Adults (ages 13 and up) – $20; Kids (ages 3 -12) – $12 (needs one paying adult to allow admission). Buy yours TODAY!!!

For more information including tickets, parking, and more visit the webpage for Awesome Exhibition!

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