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While many dining rooms in Chinatown Houston are emptying and restaurants are laying off staff, one local popular local bar outside Chinatown has decided to help the situation with a free beer promotion.

Earlier this month, a false rumor of a coronavirus infected staff shot across social media. As a result, a lot of people decided to stay away from restaurants like Crawfish and Noodles, plus other exciting meals in Chinatown, Houston.

Even great restaurants like Gangnam Style Restaurant have had to lay off all staff, with the popular spot run only by the owners for now.

The City of Houston health officials have stated there are no traces of the coronavirus in Chinatown, but many customers are still being overly cautious.

In a call to action on Thursday, Alexrad Beer Garden pleads with Houstonians to “support them by having a meal or even ordering delivery.” And in return, you’ll join us for a free cold canned beer when you show your receipt at the Montrose bar.

And yes, if you don’t drink beer, they also have mocktails and kombucha.

Free beer alert! Friends, due to unfounded rumors of Coronavirus in Chinatown the businesses there are experiencing…

Posted by Axelrad on Thursday, February 20, 2020

So far, the promotion is getting a strong response with Axelrad commenting on its page, “Amazing response so far! We’d like to add that this extends to any businesses in Chinatown, like Great Wall books. Also if you are a fellow business owner in Houston, we invite you to do a similar offer for your customers to bring awareness and support the area.”

Additionally, the Midtown bar is offering a free drink for those who work in Chinatown, stating “If you are staff at a business in Chinatown, y’all come by and ask for a manager for a round of drinks. You deserve a break too.”

While you might be thinking about the free cold beers right now, also remember the laid-off individuals and struggling small business owners, and please share this post to see if we can save more jobs.

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