Beer Can House

The Beer Can House is one of Houston’s quirkiest and cheapest attractions. Tickets to the Beer Can House are just $2 for entry and $5 for a guided tour, while kids 12 and under are always free. While the Beer Can House is always cheap, Groupon has an offer for HOTC readers right now, offering 30% off tickets for guided tours for two or four people.


About The Beer Can House in Houston

The Beer Can House is one of the most eccentric places to visit here in Houston. It’s often voted as one of the must-see landmarks in our city, and it’s a visiting the attraction is always a popular thing to do in Houston on the weekend.

According to local legend, Houston resident John Milkovisch was somewhat of a hoarder and never wanted to throw anything away. Milkovisch was also quite a drinker and over time filled his attic and garage with empty beer cans. In 1968, he had the idea to begin covering his house with the empty cans, but Milkovisch didn’t stop there.

Over 18 years, Milkovisch decorated his entire home with recycled beer cans. Soon, the lawn and concrete sidewalk were inlaid with beer bottle glass, the spaces in his fence posts were filled with marbles, and the cans’ pull-tabs became clinking curtains for the front porch.

It’s estimated that more than 50,000 beer cans have been used in the decoration of this home.

In 2001, the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art purchased Milkovisch’s house in order to preserve it as a piece of true American folk art.


The Beer Can House Coupons & Discount Tickets

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The Beer Can House Location & Hours

The Beer Can House is located at 222 Malone St, Houston TX 7707 between Memorial Drive and Washington Avenue. Please be aware that the house is in a residential neighborhood.

The Beer Can House is open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays when the weather permits. This holiday season, the Beer Can House will be open on December 22, 23, 29, and 30.