Celebrate Black History Month in Galveston: Absolute Equality Mural – Image Credit – VisitGalveston.com

Galveston Island, the birthplace of Juneteenth, occupies a special position in American and African American history. The complexity of this history, however, extends far beyond the celebration of Emancipation.

Galveston has long fought to preserve knowledge of African American accomplishments and heritage on the island, holding dear the many historic sites and monuments that live on to tell the story, from being home to Texas’ first historically African American secondary school and public library to being the hometown of World Heavyweight Champ Jack Johnson.

We have detailed three easy ways to Celebrate Black History Month in Galveston

  1. Visit Historic Building, Monuments & Parks
  2. Take the self-guided Freedom Walk tour
  3. Visit the NIA Cultural Center

For full details, check out this Celebrate Black History Month blog 

How to Celebrate Black History Month in Galveston – Visit Historic Buildings, Monuments & Parks

A number of interesting landmarks and parks are related to African American history in Galveston. We have featured a couple of them below. For a full list check out the African American History page. 

Absolute Equality Mural 

The “Absolute Equality” mural, which illustrates the journey of Black Americans out of slavery into freedom, is the newest addition to Galveston’s rich history-focused attractions. The 5,000-square-foot mural, created by Houston-based Reginald C. Adams, was painted on the side of the Old Galveston Square building, located at 22nd and Strand in downtown Galveston. The massive art installation is an initiative of the Juneteenth Legacy Project, launched during Black History Month 2021 to help raise awareness about Juneteenth and contribute to a growing push to make Juneteenth a national holiday.

For more info, visit www.juneteenthlegacyproject.com.

Reedy Chapel African Methodist Church

Reedy Chapel African Methodist Church in Galveston

Reedy Chapel African Methodist Church – Image Credit: VisitGalveston.com

The ancient Reedy Chapel AME Church is still standing strong today, with four of the fourteen churches on Galveston being the first in Texas to be formed for African Americans. Reedy Chapel is the first African Methodist Episcopal Church. It is not only architecturally beautiful, but it is also historically significant. African Americans marched from the county courthouse to the church on June 19, 1865, a practice that continues to this day!

Celebrating Black History Month in Galveston – Take the Freedom Walk 

Take a self-guided Freedom Walk and learn about 5 historic sites and their significance to Black History. By taking the Freedom Walk Challenge, you can also win a valuable keepsake poster. To participate in the Freedom Walk Challenge, simply download the Visit Galveston app for Android or Apple smartphones, or go to galveston.visitwidget.com

Stops along the Freedom Walk include

  1. Pier 21 and Middle Passage
  2. Juneteenth Marker and Site of Union Headquarters
  3. US Customs House
  4. Reedy Chapel African Methodist Church
  5. Ashton Villa

Get more details on the self-guided Freedom Walk Tour in Galveston

Celebrate Black History Month in Galveston by visiting the NIA Cultural Center

NIA Cultural Center in Galveston

NIA Cultural Center – Image Credit: VisitGalveston.com

The NIA Cultural Center art gallery has a beautiful 5,000 square foot art installation symbolizing the freedom of Black people in Galveston on the outside of the building. The inside of the gallery takes visitors on a journey through African American history from the 1800s to today. The gallery features sculptures and paintings by local Black artists, as well as a reflection space. Check out this Youtube video of Ted Ellis whose work is featured at the NIA Cultural Center.

For more details check out the page for the NIA Cultural Center in Galveston.



In summary, Galveston is a great place to celebrate Black History Month. Of course there are plenty of other great reasons to visit Galveston! Make plans to visit soon! 


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