Houston Ballet's NutcrackerIt’s Houston’s annual holiday shopping bonanza — and it benefits Houston Ballet! The 40th annual Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker Market is back for 2020, but this year things are very much different due to COVID-19.

In previous years, the Nutcracker Market was an in-person event held at NRG Center, attracting thousands of eager shoppers on the weekend it’s held. But due to the ongoing pandemic, this year’s Nutcracker Market is going virtual, and the market will be open for an entire month online.

Each year, you can shop hundreds national and local merchants featuring home décor, apparel, toys, holiday decor, gourmet food, garden items and more. It’s the perfect place for holiday shopping with unexpected finds everywhere you turn! Find that original gift for your special someone.

In its early days, the Houston Ballet Nutcracker market was just a small church bazaar, but it has grown into a huge event thousands of people around the area anticipate every year.

In fact, the Nutcracker Market is now the second-largest fundraising event at NRG Park with hundreds of thousands raised to give back to the Houston Ballet Foundation, its Academy, and scholarship programs.


Houston Nutcracker Market Days & Hours

Planning to shop the 2020 Nutcracker Market? Since the event won’t be held in person this year, here’s what you need to know to shop online:

Dates: November 12 – December 11 (Free Access to the Public; Early Access Day is November 11th for $30 but tickets have sold out at this time)

Where to Shop: NutcrackerMarket.com

One good thing about the market going virtual is you don’t have to worry about paying for tickets or parking this year! You can just shop to your heart’s content from the comfort of your home without fighting the crowds.


Shop 150 Vendors This Year

This year’s online Nutcracker Market will feature 150 vendors. While that’s fewer than in previous years, it’s due in part to the fact that some vendors can’t accommodate online orders for various reasons, such as their products are too large and heavy to ship.

Shopping this year’s virtual market will be kind of similar to the regular in-person market you’ve come to expect as a floor plan will be laid out online that allows you to hover over booths and click on them to explore their offerings. You can also search easily for products that interest you. The booths even have a chat feature so you can interact with the vendor and ask questions!

Once you’re ready to buy, you’ll check out at the vendor’s own online sales page. Each vendor has their own sales, special offers, and shipping rates.

Any other questions about attending the Houston Ballet Nutcracker Market? Let us know by commenting below.