drawing with pixar

During this quarantine time, it’s more important than ever to teach people new skills that spark creativity. The days can get redundant while staying home, so it’s crucial to constantly find fun hands-on activities that can occupy all ages. Through online tutorials, Pixar artists are teaching people how to draw their favorite movie characters. Learn more about Disney’s Draw with Pixar series here!

Get the whole family together to Draw with Pixar with these new tutorials. These professional artists will walk you through each drawing with step-by-step instructions for a variety of movie characters. This also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how these artists think while they work. These artists and animators are offering their incredible knowledge and skills for everyone to enjoy, so why not give it a try!

It’s crucial we all find things that can keep our brains occupied in positive and creative ways right now. Learning how to draw Pixar characters from professionals is the perfect way to do that! Find video tutorials that show how to draw recent characters from Toy Story 4, Onward, Cars, and more.

For example, draw Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4 with Pixar animator Emilie Goulet here! All you need is paper, pencil, eraser, and an open mind to follow along and try it out for yourself. Just putting in the effort is a huge first step with learning a new skill like drawing. Remember you are watching professionals draw, so just trying your best is all that counts. Pixar will release more videos featuring other characters soon, so be on the lookout for your favorites!

Learning through these online tutorial videos gives everyone the opportunity to grow in many ways. Learn new drawing skills, better understand how animators’ minds work, and relate to these talented artists while they record these videos from home. This is also a great way to discover how to bring the character’s personality into each drawing.

Also, use these techniques to inspire drawings of all kinds! This is a wonderful and productive way to keep kids and adults entertained during these long days. After taking the time to draw your favorite characters, you can finish off this fun activity by watching the Pixar movie for some relaxing fun.