eT Craft Burgers & Beer {pronounced “eat”} is Northwest Houston’s newest burger concept. Its first spot, eT Premium Grill in the downtown tunnel, proved so successful the last four years that it took the new idea out to the neighborhood. It added the craft beer angle, however, providing folks in the ‘burbs some amazing beer options on draft that frequently can’t be found elsewhere. Here are My 5 Things to Love about eT:

eT Craft Burgers & Beer photo: eT Craft Burgers & Beer


1. One price for burgers with any toppings: $6.49

eT Craft Burgers & Beer

You’ve experienced the drill where adding anything to a burger costs extra — $1 here and there for cheese, avocado slices or other options. At eT Craft Burgers & Beer, burgers are a flat price of $6.49. It’s a simple 3 step process: order your all-natural flame-grilled meat, choose a spread, and add the toppings. Amazing fresh options like tomato confit, grilled portobello mushrooms, flash-fried jalapenos, avocados, queso, apple cider slaw, and of course, bacon! You can make a custom burger or choose one of their favorites.

2. Local craft beer on draft

eT Craft Burgers & Beer

Local craft beer is a big deal at this neighborhood spot featuring breweries such as No Label, Lone Pint, Fort Bend, 8th Wonder, Cedar Creek, Buffalo Bayou, and Saint Arnold. Selections will rotate based on customer input and seasonal options. Some of these beers are not canned or bottled, so eT Craft Burgers & Beer certainly has the connections to offer them on draft! Even the younger crowd can enjoy Saint Arnold Root Beer on draft!

3. Free 64oz. growler in October ($6 value)

eT growlers

Take advantage of an October beer special! Folks can get a free 64oz glass growler this month. Fill it up with your favorite draft craft beer for $16. And bring it back again next time to repeat. The restaurant CO2-flushes its growlers to maximize freshness.

4. Beautifully designed space

eT Craft Burgers & Beer

eT partnered with Michael Hsu, an award-winning Austin-based architect, to design the interiors of its newest location. Houstonians may know Hsu for his work on local restaurants such as Uchi. He did an amazing job designing a neighborhood-oriented urban space using organic materials.

5. Share the Love options

et share the love

Consider eT Craft Burgers & Beer for your next group to-go option! Its Share The Love box includes six burgers and six fries for $49. Or make it a real party and add a couple growlers filled with craft beer. Perfect when you’re tired of pizza and other easy to-go options! This is geared more to enjoying with your gourmet burger friends — not the fast-food types who expect a $2 burger deal! photo: eT Craft Burgers & Beer

Location: 19841 Northwest Freeway (Highway 6 at 290)
Hours: 11 am – 10 pm 7 days a week