Kid's Book Readings by Houston Author, Granddad Joe Sutton at The Woodlands Children's Museum, Blue Willow Bookshop, LibraryImagine a story hidden in the attic for 35 years coming to life for Houston-area families. That’s the success story of Joe Sutton, a downtown energy executive turned kid’s author.

Daughter Megan found the vintage stories three years ago in the attic with original illustrations by her aunt. It’s a story Sutton’s kids heard at bedtime years ago — masked with carefully disguised lessons. With Megan’s encouragement, Sutton published Wanda and the Oblahlahs to bring the age-old story back to life for the next generation, including Sutton’s five grandchildren. The book appeals to parents and grandparents who find that Wanda’s antics do more to illustrate the importance of minding than any amount of parental nagging.

Sutton is appearing at locations throughout Houston for book readings. All proceeds from sales benefit Children at Risk to help stamp out child trafficking. Here is the schedule:

  • Friday, July 29 (11 a.m. – 1 p.m.) — The Woodlands Children’s Museum, 4775 W. Panther Creek Dr.  Free with $5 museum admission…
  • Tuesday, August 9 (11 a.m.) — Barbara Bush Branch Library, 6817 Cypresswood.  Free
  • Thursday, September 22 (10 a.m.) — Blue Willow Bookshop, 14532 Memorial.  Free

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