Get a Free Medical Alert Bracelets for Back-to-School Kids with Food Allergies

Food allergies have become among the most serious health concerns for millions of parents nationwide. The CDC estimates that between 4% and 6% of children in the United States are currently affected by food allergies and unfortunately, there is no cure. The only sure method of preventing allergic reactions to food is to avoid contact with foods which cause reactions; however, this isn’t always easy in schools where kids with food allergies can come into contact with all sorts of unexpected foods.

If you have a kid with food allergies in your household, you can’t risk them having a reaction at school – or anywhere else. To help bring a little peace of mind to these kids and their grown-ups, leading medical alert jewelry manufacturer American Medical ID is providing free medical alert bracelets to kids with food allergies – just in time for the new school year. Medical alert bracelets inform teachers and healthcare professionals about any food allergies kids might have, providing invaluable information either before or after a reaction occurs. American Medical ID bracelets typically cost $15.99, but the company is providing over 1,000 customizable Write-N-Wear bracelets for free this year.

“This initiative is aimed to help schools continue to think about how to provide a safe yet neutral environment for kids with food allergies,” said Rick Russell, Founder & CEO of American Medical ID. “For parents, it’s some peace of mind that in the event an emergency was to occur, the child has the best opportunity of early diagnosis and prompt treatment.”

To obtain a free medical ID bracelet, head over to the American Medical ID website,, and register for a free bracelet. Grown-ups and kids who receive the free food allergy bracelets are encouraged to use the hashtag #KidsLoveAMID to spread the word about this great initiative and boost awareness of the life-saving benefits medical ID bracelets can provide.