Houston Arboretrum Trail

Houston is known for a lot of things, but backwoods hikes through natural areas isn’t exactly one of them. While we do have plenty of outdoor spaces and the bayous surrounding Galveston Bay, untouched areas of nature are hard to come by in an urban metropolitan area such as Houston. That’s why it’s such big news that the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center has opened up a new trail through a ravine that offers unique views and a pleasant, secluded hike. Get your boots on and hit this new trail!

The new Inner Loop trail is a hidden gem within the Houston city limits. The new trail offers elevation changes not typically seen in this area and a pair of all new bridges that span the deep ravine that was once part of Buffalo Bayou. The trail is primarily mulch with a marine fibergrate boardwalk and a small concrete switchback which allows ADA access to the north bridge.

The new Inner Loop trail brings visitors directly into the heart of this ravine and the rich, diverse wildlife that call it home. The trail is lined with native plants that both promote local biodiversity and prevent the ravine from eroding, offering Houstonians a chance to explore what makes our part of the world so special.

The Arboretum worked for three years to renovate and redesign this ravine trail after it was devastated by flooding and erosion. The Arboretum brought in the internationally-renowned landscape architecture firm Design Workshop, Inc. to help with the overall planning and design, and the results are stunning. The ravine area of the Arboretum has been completely renovated and transformed into a perfect spot for outdoor recreation right here in Houston.

For more information on the new ravine trail, visit the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center’s official website or call 713-681-8433.