Houston Is Inspired

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Houston’s art scene is in full swing but many people are only starting to notice the amazing murals popping up all over town. There are over 90 Houston wall murals in all, and it will probably take you days or even weeks to see them all. Here’s a unique idea you might not have thought of — chartering a bus with a group of friends (the Houston Charter Bus Company has plenty of affordable options available) can help you knock out several in one day without having to do the driving (or walking) yourself.

When the movement began, graffiti was the word. Spray paint has never been considered a legitimate medium by those in fine arts. It was the push by some of our local prodigies like Leo Tanguma and, later, Mario Enqrique Figueroa, or GONZO247, as he’s better known, which brought some of the best public art to our city. Starting out as a street artist like any, GONZO247 has gone from slipping through railroad tracks and illegally scaling walls to being commissioned by the city for colossal murals adored by the public.

You don’t have to be a history aficionado to appreciate the significance of our best and brightest, nor do you have to schlep around burning gas and time, guessing where to go, and exhausting the hinges on your car doors. Instead, charter a bus service to drive you and the fam around town and see some of the best Houston murals locations. Just lay back on your reclining, cushioned seat, enjoy the free use of WiFi and televisions, and tell the driver to follow our lead.

Best Murals and Wall Art in Houston by Location

East Houston Murals


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Begin in Houston’s historic East End where graffiti culture transformed into public art. At 5900 Canal St., you’ll find one of our most famed pieces, The Rebirth of Our Nationality. It was recently restored by GONZO247, supervised by the original artist Leo Tanguma who created the mural in 1973. Just a few blocks down, you’ll find the photo-ready Sugar and Cloth color wall at 3302 Canal St., with eight different blocks of 6- food wide popping pastels. Bonus: the paint extends onto the street, highlighting the three dimensional illusion.

Nearby, at 5102 Navigation, you’ll find a variety of murals curated for HUE Mural Fest including Dragons Wall by ArtKungfu. The entire wall is lined with murals in every block. Around the corner is Hummingbird Wall by StudioFlop. It’s one of the best spots to see Houston wall murals and street art. National Charter Bus can take you there and let you see all of the pieces in one swoop.

Located just behind the Original Ninfas on Navigation is Ventanas de Oportunidad by Mercedes Fernandez. The mural representing opportunity and success with successions of Mexican- inspired window views. The artist was inspired by the owner of the Original Ninfas, one of Houston’s favorite restaurants.

Downtown Houston Murals

abstract happy beach wall

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Just a quick bus ride to downtown and you can check out a plethora of Houston wall murals in the same area. First stop by Abstract Happy Beach Wall at 800 Chartres St. It was created by Barcelona natives, married duo Zosen and Mina Hamada for the 2015 HUE Mural Fest. A mix of pastel and neon abstract shapes somehow give the impression of a sunny Galveston day so you can have some fun in the sun without leaving the city.

Synchronicity of Color

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In and around Discovery Green and down the north end of The Shops at Houston Center on McKinney, you’ll find the mesmerizing boxes of Synchronicity of Color, brightly striped Hey Y’all, and a cool toned Downtown. In the area, you can also stop by Dream Big and Made in Texas. With so much street art in one area, it’s one of the top Houston murals locations. You could walk the mile and a half spread, then have your own personally chartered bus take you to lunch. Or, just let the driver do all the work.

Houston Is Inspired

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Head just slightly north to 313 Travis for the iconic Houston is Inspired mural by GONZO247 himself. The colossal wall, painted in 2013, backs up to a parking lot so even better if you don’t have to park your car there. Have the bus drop you off near Market Square park so you can walk to the wall just outside of Treebeard’s and one of Houston’s oldest buildings. You could also switch everything up and make this your first stop, since the best times to photograph the wall are on early weekend mornings. That’s another benefit of letting an awesome business like Longhorn Charter Bus do the driving- you get to decide the schedule!

Murals in Houston – Inner Loop


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Just inside of the Greater Heights is another quintessential piece of art, Greetings from Houston by Dangiel Anguilu. You’ll find it at 3602 White Oak Drive on the outside of Gelazzi. By this time, you’re probably hankering for some dessert so it’s the perfect spot to stop in for gelato after your photo-bombs.


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While you’re in the area, head over to Sublime Heights at 402 E. 20th Street to see their mural celebrating the Houston Astros World Series Championship.

rail to the sea

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Just on the other side of I-10 is an abstract piece reminiscent of water color and flowers by Indian-born artist Janavi M. Folmsbee. The Rail to the Sea is at 1502 Sawyer St. Park at the creative community of The Silos at Sawyer Yards and walk across to the mural. There is a sidewalk where you can safely take selfies. Or, have someone stand across the street to take in the entire wall.

The last stop on this Do- It- Yourself Chartered Mural Tour is also Houston’s largest single mural wall, Preservons la Creation by Sebastien ‘Mr D’ Boileau. The Texas- sized mural is located at 2800 San Jacinto is perfectly ironic with its Italian- Renaissance inspired figure in the heart of hip and trendy Midtown. It’s also the perfect last stop before having a delicious snack or dinner from any of the local eateries.

You can take this route and more for a day full of art and culture without ever having to get behind the wheel. A chartered bus sounds like just the right way to relax while checking murals off your list.

Have you chartered a bus for a mural tour before? Let us know your favorite Houston murals locations in the comments below.


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