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Houston is home to a number of amazing attractions, but due to current world events, many people don’t feel comfortable going to the usual spots that draw crowds (and understandably so). But did you know there are several unique Houston roadside attractions you can enjoy safely with little to no crowds? In most cases, you can enjoy these sights from the safety of your vehicle without ever getting out!

Here are some of our favorite roadside attractions around Houston. And once you’ve seen all of these, make sure to check out our guide to Texas roadside attractions for some day trip ideas!


1. Eclectic Menagerie Park

2838 W. Bellfort, Houston, TX 77051 


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If you’ve driven down 288 South toward Pearland, chances are you’ve probably noticed a field with a collection of giant metal sculptures, including a huge spider, armadillos, mariachis, and more. The sculptures line the property of the Texas Pipe and Supply Company, and the collection has been steadily growing over the last 30+ years. To see them, take 288 South and exit W. Bellfort Ave. and drive alongside the property on your right.


2. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

2800 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX 77056

houston waterwall

The Water Wall in the Galleria area is one of Houston’s neatest landmarks and most popular public parks. Locals love to gather around the waterfall to walk, picnic, or just relax and take in the soothing sounds of thousands of gallons of water crashing to the ground. It’s also a great spot to snap some beautiful pictures.


3. Giant President Heads

2401 Nance St., Houston, TX 77020

The Giant President Heads have moved a few times over the years, but they can currently be spotted in storage behind at a fence on Nance St. Artist David Adickes has made a series of massive President heads, and while you can’t get up close and personal with them these days, you can still get a good glimpse of them from the street.


4. Giant Beatles Statue

2202 Dallas St., Houston, TX 77003


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Also made by artist David Adickes, the Giant Beatles Statues feature John, Paul, George, and Ringo peering over the EaDo neighborhood at 36-feet high. The statues were moved to the backyard of 8th Wonder Brewery a few years back, and you can get a great view of them just driving around the brewery.


5. We Heart Houston Sign

2202 Dallas St., Houston, TX 77003

While you’re near 8th Wonder Brewery enjoying the Beatles statues, you may as well take a look at the iconic We Heart Houston sign that’s located behind the brewery along the trail as well. Originally located along I-10 near the Heights, this 28-foot-tall sign became a treasured Houston landmark. You can see it from your car behind the brewery, or hop out and enjoy a great photo op!


6. Giant Freak Armadillo

5015 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX 77098

giant freak armadillo houston

This steel-plated statue with longhorns has grabbed the attention of passersby on Kirby for years. Residing outside Armadillo Palace (next to Goode Co. BBQ), the massive creature’s eyes can glow red and smoke can blow out of its nostrils.


7. Beer Can House

222 Malone St., Houston, TX 77007

Beer Can House

The Beer Can House is a Houston staple like no other. It’s closed to visitors right now, but you can still see a good bit of it from the street and sidewalk. As we detailed in our guide to this popular attraction, “According to local legend, Houston resident John Milkovisch was somewhat of a hoarder and never wanted to throw anything away. Milkovisch was also quite a drinker and over time filled his attic and garage with empty beer cans. In 1968, he had the idea to begin covering his house with the empty cans, but Milkovisch didn’t stop there. Over 18 years, Milkovisch decorated his entire home with recycled beer cans. Soon, the lawn and concrete sidewalk were inlaid with beer bottle glass, the spaces in his fence posts were filled with marbles, and the cans’ pull-tabs became clinking curtains for the front porch.”


What are some of your favorite Houston roadside attractions? Share them by leaving a comment below.