minefaire houston

The world of MINECRAFT is set to get bigger as the Ultimate MINECRAFT Festival hits Houston. This is the much-anticipated community event for all die-hard lovers of MINECRAFT. And I believe this great event is worth the attention of every HOTC fan.

It’s an avenue for players to unite with their families and experience another dimension of the ageless video game.

The event will feature some of the biggest MINECRAFT YouTube celebrities. Call it one of the biggest “meets and greets,” you won’t be wrong. It also promises to be a time of bonding and networking.

More exciting are the games lined up for you and everyone. You can smile home with cool prizes when you compete in any of the tournaments lined up for the event.

Topping the chat of games is a popular costume contest. When you’ve played enough games, you can relax your nerves, watching any of the live stage shows.

All these and many more are available for you at a discounted price of $29.99. All thanks to Goldstar. To access all these goodies and be a part of the event, create a free Goldstar account by using your active email address or Facebook account.

For your discounted ticket, you get to bring your children of 2 years old and below to the event for free. Kids 3+ and adults will need a paid admission.

There will also be official MINECRAFT Education global mentors to give you as many vital tips as you need. Also, here are other key features of the Ultimate MINECRAFT Festival include:

  • MINECRAFT Escape Room game
  • Virtual Reality game
  • Minefaire exclusive event
  • Opportunity to shop at MINECRAFT official Merch Store

The event will be held from April 18th – 19th, 2020 at the NRG Center. It promises to be two days of wonders, and you shouldn’t miss it. Tickets may sell out, so get yours at a discount while they’re still available.

You can find other events like this and more free things you can do in Houston this weekend. And make sure all your kids are coming to this event because there are only a few events like this where the whole family can hang out for fun without boring the kids.