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Looking to find out more about Moody Gardens, coupons and hours? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have all this information and more so you can plan your visit.

Sometimes the best destination is nature itself. The beauty of nature is that they offer a wonderful bonding time with family without having to try too hard.

So what are the Moody Gardens?



moody gardens aquarium

Established in 1986, Moody Gardens is a non-profit educational tourist destination which aims to educate and entertain visitors, while they learn about conservation and wildlife. The Gardens feature a diverse form of entertainment and accommodations including theatres, a hotel, plus a wide golf course.

Moody Gardens features three pyramid attractions: 

  1. Aquarium
  2. Rainforest
  3. Discovery pyramids

The exhibits are self-paced. However, each section will take about forty-five minutes to go through, so be sure to plan ahead!

It is educational in the sense that you can see diverse species of marine, rainforest animals and science exhibits. There is also a landscaped beach with white sand, called the Palm Beach. 

Finally, be sure to check out the RideFilm Theater with motion based-pod seating.



Price of individual admission to Moody Gardens varies depending on what you want to see!

There are one-day value passes that allow access to the main attractions, including the Aquarium, Rainforest, 3D Theater, 4D Theater, Audience Recognition Theater, Colonel Paddlewheeler, and Dinos Alive (Palm Beach, Discovery Museum, Ropes Course and Zip Line will remain closed until further notice). Right now as things are different during the pandemic, single day passes are $60 for adults and $50 for kids 4-12 and seniors.

Guests are encouraged to buy tickets online if possible or to have a cashless payment option on hand if buying on premises.

The easiest way to save on admission to this one-of-kind destination is usually through Groupon. Throughout the year, they offer special coupons to the gardens. Be sure to check the Groupon Moody Gardens Page to get the latest offerings. 

Aside from Groupon, if you have a child (age 4-12) they will always get in at a discount ticket price.

Children ages 3 and below are free of admission.

Additionally, military members with a valid military ID can get Moody Gardens tickets on the cheap with a $30 Value Pass.

Another great deal is the Mommy Wednesday special when moms (and dads!) can get a $30 Value Pass every Wednesday for them and their child aged 4-5.

Moody Gardens also rewards students who do a good job in school. Simply show them a report card from within the last 30 days that has no grades lower than a B and the student can get free admission into one attraction.

For more detailed information about ticket pricing, and to purchase tickets online, refer to the Moody Gardens’ ticket page.



Moody Gardens reopened in late May after a temporary closure during the beginning weeks of the pandemic. To keep guests safe, Moody Gardens is operating at limited capacity, sharing reminders across the grounds to promote proper social distancing, and providing numerous hand sanitizing stations. Masks are not currently required but they are encouraged.



The garden’s hours vary seasonally and even by attraction. Right now during the fall, the typical hours are 10 am to 4 pm, but this will change as we head into the holiday season with Festival of Lights and other big events. Individual attraction hours may be subject to change without notice.

The garden is located at One Hope Boulevard, Galveston, Texas 77554.



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