Put Your Health First With A Membership To The YMCA of Greater Houston

The YMCA of Greater Houston wants you to invest in yourself. Be the healthiest version of you that you can be and sign up for a membership at the Y! 

With something for everyone, it is no wonder why the YMCA has been a popular spot in Houston for 135 years.

What Does the YMCA of Greater Houston Membership Offer?

  • Advanced Fitness Equipment: At the Y, you’ll find advanced exercise equipment, strength training, weight rooms, and fitness equipment.
  • Group Exercise Classes: Interested in a group class to stay motivated? The YMCA of Greater Houston features classes for all interests and skill levels, like Zumba®, cycling and BodyPump™ by Les Mills.
  • Virtual Y Resources: Can’t get to the gym? The Y has virtual workouts, education and personal training, on-demand.
  • Build a Stronger Community: When you join the Y, you don’t just invest in a healthier version of you. You also help enable the YMCA of Greater Houston to advance equity and empower children.

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YMCA of Greater Houston Programs for Kids

Put Your Health First With A Membership To The YMCA of Greater HoustonThe Y is known for their programs for kids, and plays a defining role in shaping the lives of our youth. They offer children a “path with a purpose” from early childhood to their teen years. Programs at the YMCA of Greater Houston include after school programs, swim lessons, swim team, enrichment activities and more.


YMCA of Greater Houston Membership Fees

With affordable pricing, no joining fees, access to 20 YMCA locations in the Houston area, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, what’s there to lose? Some of the flexible membership options include:

  • Adults (ages 30-64) beginning at $59/month
  • Family with children beginning at $90/month
  • Young Adults (ages 10-29) starting at $37/month
  • Seniors Couples (ages 65+) starting at $62/month

For more membership details, check out the YMCA’s membership page and join today!

Try Out a Membership with a Guest Pass

Interested, but not sure if you are ready to commit yet? Spend a day with the Y with a complimentary guest pass. During your time at the facility, you’ll be able to take a tour and try out all that there is to offer. Plus, the Y has a 30-day money-back membership guarantee!


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