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After being at home for months, people are hoping to venture out to safe spaces where they can enjoy some socially distant luxury. Whether that means an in-town staycation or a visit to one of the other cities in Texas or locations around the country, you’ll need a safe and comfortable spot to lay your head.

OYO Hotels are available around the world. Specializing in offering clean spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive, OYO is a great choice for your next hotel stay. Hotels are offered right here in Houston. There are also several options around the state and the country, making them the perfect place to get a safe and affordable night’s stay when you’re on a road trip this summer. So, no matter where you plan to go, there should be an OYO Hotel nearby that suits your needs and won’t put a dent in your pocketbook.

If you’re worried about getting out, you can rest assured that OYO scrubs each room and bathroom to ensure that each room is hygienically sound and ready for visitors. Cleanliness was important at OYO before COVID-19, and they continue to adjust their cleaning strategies as needed to ensure guests are as happy and as safe as possible.

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Benefits of Staying with OYO

Anyone that has seen an OYO Hotel knows that they are chic, well-designed spaces. They offer luxury sheets, sanitized bathrooms and bedrooms, and excellent Wi-Fi. This is the standard at all of the OYO Hotels around the world.

Here are some more benefits when you stay at Oyo:

  • Booking is easy and can be done online or in-person
  • Hygienically spotless washrooms
  • An included toiletry kit
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Rooms are air-conditioned and feature a TV
  • Check-in at Noon, Check-out at 11 am though early and late check-ins may also be available
  • Free cancellation as long as you cancel 24 hours before your check-in time

Check out their commercial below for more details:

Current OYO Hotel Deals

You can use the coupon code “HOTELSTAYOYO to save on hotel stays this summer. This coupon code will get you great deals on OYO Hotels in the USA. You can use the OYO App or book on the website. You can also use M-Web to book your trip.

In other words, if you’re in need of a vacation in a good, clean space, you should get your reservation in, today!

Have you stayed at OYO Hotels in the past? Let us know your thoughts about them in the comments!


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