texas childrens hospital valentines day

What a sweet way to brighten the day of a child. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and many children will be in the hospital rather than exchanging Valentine’s cards at school or attending parties with their friends.

Texas Children’s Hospital is providing a super easy {and free} way to add a smile this Valentine’s Day. Simply head online to Texas Children’s Hospital to select your Valentine card design and message. These special cards are then printed and handed out to the children at the hospital, distributed evenly so all kids get to feel the love.

It’s a small gesture but it means the world to the children who are spending the holiday in the hospital. Sending a card takes just seconds, and it’s a great way to show these kids some love.

Every card sent makes a difference as Pappas Restaurant will donate $1 for each card.

Get your child involved and help him or her feel like they are making a difference.

Send your card now by clicking this link.