Summer Camp FAQs 20212020 was a difficult year because of COVID. However, with the number of coronavirus cases going down and the vaccination effort in full swing, 2021 is already looking much better. If you have been wondering about Summer Camps for your kids, but had multiple questions about 2021 summer camps and summer camps in general, then look no further. We have compiled a list of  Summer Camp FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that will be helpful as you make your decisions for 2021 Summer Camps for your kids.

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FAQ: What different types of summer camps are there?

A: There are a variety of summer camps for kids and teens. Choose from day camps, overnight camps, STEM centered, online camps, music, athletic, foreign language, cooking and performing arts. There’s something for everyone.

FAQ: Why is summer camp important?

A: Summer camps are great for everyone. They give kids and teens a change in scenery while teaching or refining skills, meeting new people and doing something they enjoy. 

FAQ: How do I pick a summer camp in 2021?

A: Start with a skill or hobby that interests your child or teen. Overnight camps teach independence, friendship, and teamwork. Day camps concentrate on teaching and sharpening skills in a particular area. Read reviews of past campers and ask around if anyone can recommend a summer camp.

FAQ: What qualities should I look for in a great kids/teen/adult summer camp?

A: Cost and location of summer camp are usually first to consider. However, it’s also important to pick a camp with qualified instructors or experienced advisors. You may also want to ask other parents what camps they recommend.

FAQ: What is the best camp for my kids?

A: Children under the age of 6 do best at day camps. Start out with a half-day camp to see how it goes, then progress to a full day the next summer. For ages 7-17 research overnight camps that involve activities you know they would enjoy. 

FAQ: Should I go for licensed camps only?

A: School-aged children should be in a licensed camp. The Texas Department of State Health Services requires any camp that hosts more than 5 minors away from their parents for more than four hours to be licensed as Youth Camps. This also ensures that the camp follows state laws to keep campers safe and healthy. 

FAQ: How to find if a summer camp has had any complaints filed against them?

A: Check with the Texas Department of State Health Services. If it is public record they will be able to share the information with you after submitting a request. Check on the Texas Department of State Health Services website camps. If the complaint is public record you can file a request for information.

FAQ: How do I know if a summer camp is safe for my child in 2021?

A: Look for the Covid-19 guidelines on their website or marketing materials. Besides maintaining smaller groups (usually a 1:6 ratio). Camps take daily temperature checks, disinfect areas after use and have hand sanitizer, soap and other disinfectants available throughout the camp. If you are still uncertain about sending your child or teen to camp consider a virtual summer camp. 

FAQ: How much does an average summer camp cost?

A: Cost of day camps can range from $94-$350. Parents can choose a half day camp or full day camp. Overnight camps are anywhere from $499-$2,000 per week which includes meals. 

FAQ: What is the cheapest summer camp 2021?

A: Summer day camps usually are less than overnight camps. If you are looking for budget friendly summer camps, sports camps, STEM programs, and bible study camps are usually less expensive. 

FAQ: How can I save money when enrolling my kids in a summer camp?

A: Many summer camps offer early registration discounts and sibling discounts. Some camps may offer discounts for returning campers as well. You may qualify for partial and full scholarships as well. 

FAQ: How long do summer camps usually last?

A: Day camps usually are one week sessions and can be half day or full day.  Overnight summer camps have options for campers from one to four weeks. The drop off and pick up days vary by camp.

FAQ: How much is insurance for a summer camp?

A: Summer camps spend between $300-$800 yearly for a $1 million dollar limited liability policy. Insurance will cover minor accidents such as slipping and falling on the premises. Property damage is also part of the plan. Because accidents happen, you need to be covered.

FAQ: What is the best age for sleep-away camp?

A: Depending on the child you may want to wait until they are 8 or 9 years old. This gives them the opportunity to experience time away from home and parents. At this age they are curious and already able to make friends, relate to others and be open to new adventures.

FAQ: How old does my child have to be to attend summer camp?

A:There are a variety of day camps that accommodate campers from infant to 11 years old. Overnight campers can be 6-16 years old. 

FAQ: How do I prepare for summer day camp?

A: Check their website or contact the office to ask what your camper needs for day camp. Most camps give this information in the registration form. For a full day camp make sure to find out if lunch and snacks are provided or if you need to pack a lunch.

FAQ: How do I prepare my child for summer camp?

A: Once you register your child for camp you will be given a “Packing List” for your child. Use this to get your camper prepared for their summer camp experience. Start talking about camp a week before to create excitement for your child. 

FAQ: Why do parents send their child to summer camp?

A: Summer camp provides children with new experiences, opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills, and become more independent. Camps provide a busy schedule that includes fun activities that they otherwise might not be able to do. Water activities, archery, horseback riding, hiking activities and campfire sing alongs are just a few examples.

FAQ: How do you convince your parents to let you go to camp?

A: Do some research on summer camps. Tell your parents about that amazing STEM day camp you want to attend. What about that overnight camp that teaches you life skills. Counselors and advisors are assigned to a certain group of campers.

FAQ: What do parents look for in a summer camp?

A: Summer camps offer a variety of activities in addition to building skills. Other things parents consider while considering their camp options are location, safety, return campers, reviews of services, experienced staff, and meal options. When researching camps parents tend to look for things that would interest their child. Camps that sharpen current skills or teach new ones are popular. 

FAQ: How do I choose an overnight summer camp for my child?

A: Choosing an overnight camp can be difficult because there are so many options. First and foremost choose something that interests your child. Do they prefer hiking, art, cooking, sports or building robots? Send them to a camp that will amplify their love and interest in that area. 

FAQ: What activities can be done in summer camp?

A: Summer camps offer specialized skills in STEM areas, music development, dance, or sports. Outdoor camps also are required to provide other activities such as hiking, archery, horseback riding, water activities or time to share about their day. Summer camps can include anything from arts/crafts, music, dance, drama, technology, sports, outdoor activities, cooking or life skills. If your camper attends an outdoor camp they may also be able to go horseback riding, hiking, participate in water activities or even learn archery.

FAQ: Can I call or visit to check on my child during summer camp?

A: Covid-19 health restrictions limit parent visits to drop off and pick up their children only. If the camp is longer than one week your child may be able to email or talk by phone. This can be found under their information about camp. email/mail or even talk on the phone. Look through their policies for parent/guardian communication.

FAQ: Can staff at summer camp give medication to my child?

A: Yes. If your child takes prescription medication it will need to be held by the staff and given to your child when needed. Only inhalers and epi-pens are allowed in the bunk area with campers. 

FAQ: What special tips are advised for sleepaway camps?

A: Make sure to pack using the “Packing List” provided by the camp. Check things off as you pack them in your bag or suitcase. For outdoor campers it is important to send enough sunscreen and bug spray for the duration of trip. Campers cannot share these products with others. Bring your own pillow and blanket. This makes it feel more comfortable and like home at an overnight camp. If you are sensitive to sound you may want to invest in earplugs to cancel out the noise.

FAQ: How can I make my summer camp 2021 Houston better?

A: Create a feedback form for campers to complete after their stay. Feedback from campers can be used to determine if activities are worth keeping or need to be discontinued. Offer discounts for early registration, returning campers, and sibling registrations.

FAQ: What should kids eat when camping?

A: When at camp it is important for campers to have a refillable water bottle, high protein snacks and other goodies from home. Overnight camps provide meals, but growing children require snacks between meals because they are so active.

FAQ: Are there any summer camps for my family?

A: There are summer camps where the whole families can participate. For example, Camp Cullen of YMCA in Greater Houston provides a family camp. You pay for the cabin rental ($298 per night) for up to 6 guests. Perks of the camp include room service meals, cozy accommodations, free wifi, serene setting in the woods, and fun activities for the whole family.

FAQ: How do you start a summer day camp?

A: Once you have worked out the logistics of the location and legal requirements then you can plan. Decide on a theme, activities that connect to the theme, hours of operation, and cost per camper. Now you are ready to hire and train advisors and staff, build a website and create marketing to spread the word. Follow up with campers to get feedback about their experiences. 


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