Best Burgers in Houston - Top Burger Joints Near You

If you are searching for the best burgers near you in Houston, your search ends here!

National Hamburger Day is on Friday, May 28. Celebrate the occasion and kick off the long weekend with burgers and fries! Check out our curated list of the best local burger restaurants in Houston. Some of these are well known, some are hidden gems but they all have one thing in common – burgers to die for!

Best Burgers in Houston

Hangar Kitchen    |    8800 Telephone Road, Houston, TX 77061

This welcoming neighborhood restaurant close to Houston Hobby Airport is a local favorite! Try out the ‘Straight Up Burger’ with HK bulldog sauce or the ‘South of the Border’ with smoked jalapeno aioli. Get Elote Fries or Billionair Tots on the side – you won’t be disappointed!

The Burger Joint    |   Multiple locations

Hand-crafted, locally sourced meat is served at this Houston popular spot. The menu has something for everyone – from classic to fusion flavors and even vegetarian options. Try the Opa!, the Mexi or the Kimchi. They also serve hot dogs, sandwiches and bowls as well. Don’t forget to enjoy a shake while you’re there too!

Stanton’s City Bites    |    1420 Edwards Street, Houston, TX 77007

Stanton’s City Bites started as a family-run grocery store which has evolved into a restaurant that serves unique, made-to-order burgers. Miss Piggy, Truck Stop and Holy Cow are menu favorites. Along with delicious burgers, they are also famous for their fries and tots. 

Rodeo Goat    |    2105 Dallas St, Houston, Texas 77003

Rodeo Goat, in the EaDo district of Houston, features twenty different hamburgers and more than 100 different beers on the menu! Try out the Sugar Burger with candied bacon, the Hot Bastard with habanero cheddar, the Bodacious with bbq sauce or the Luv Ya Blue with blue cheese slaw. Happy Hour is Mon – Fri, 4-7 pm and Worthy Wednesdays have 1/2 price cheese fries all day!

Hopdoddy    |    Multiple locations

With craft beer and locally sourced ingredients, this burger bar has grown in locations and popularity! Enjoy the Buffalo Bill, a bison patty with blue cheese or the Magic Shroom with goat cheese and mushrooms. The parmesan truffle fries are a favorite side! The restaurant also offers gluten free as well as vegetarian options and of course, all the local beer on tap. 

Lankford Grocery & Market    |    88 Dennis St Houston, TX 77006

This family friendly store and restaurant has been featured on Food Network. The burgers are some of the best in Houston – try out the Double Meat, the Soldier or the Grim with mac n cheese! The frito pies are on point as well. With friendly staff and ample indoor and outdoor space, Lankford’s is sure to make for a great dining experience!

Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack    |    5230 Westpark Dr Houston, TX 77056

Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack is a small, family owned restaurant and has been serving Buffalo burgers for over 30 years. This hidden gem tucked away under a highway is famous for its Patty Melts. Bubba’s has plenty of outdoor seating and is a must-try for burger lovers in Houston!

Flip’n Patties    |    1809 Eldridge Pkwy Ste 108 Houston, TX 77077  

This former food truck now has two brick and mortar locations! This super popular spot serves authentic Filipino flavors. Get the Chicken Pupu or Mayo Fries for appetizers followed by the Akaushi Burger. The rich, creamy Flan is a great way to end your meal. 

BuffBurger    |    1014 Wirt Rd Ste 220 Houston, TX 77055

From baking their buns to mixing their mayo, BuffBurger chefs prepare everything in-house, from scratch. Try out the Texan with crispy onions or the Mushroom Swiss with sautéed mushrooms. The Truffle Fries or the Sweet Potato Chipotle Honey Fries are superb accompaniments. Happy Hour is every day from 4-6 pm!

Pappas Burger    |    2 Houston Locations – Galleria and Airport

Pappas promises mouthwatering, fire-grilled, half-pound, Texas-sized burgers for real appetites! Local favorites include The Pappas Burger, The Mushroom Swiss and the Bleu Cheeseburger. Along with fries, they also serve Crispy Pickles and wings, too! 

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