Circuit training at 9 Round

Best Gyms in Sugar Land Photo courtesy of 9 Round

You don’t have to wait until the new year to start making changes, it’s always a good time to start thinking about your health. There are a ton of gyms in Sugar Land, Texas, so if you live in the area, you’re in luck! High-intensity, low-impact, yoga, fitness classes, or just good old-fashioned gyms – there is an option for everyone.  Check out the best gyms in Sugar Land with the highest reviews below!

Best Gyms in Sugar Land, Texas

Alchemy Fitness

6914 Brisbane Court Suite 301, Sugar Land, TX 77479

The facilities at Alchemy Fitness

photo courtesy of Alchemy Fitness

People with strange schedules might have a hard time finding a gym that is open when they need it to be. If that’s you, swing by Alchemy Fitness! They are one of the highest-rated Sugar Land gyms that have 24/7 access for its members. They also have group fitness classes or personal training with certified trainers. If you want to take things to the next level, they have instructors who can help with competition prep, too.

Sugar Land Fit Life

15591 Creekbend Dr Ste 200, Sugar Land, TX 77478

Skip the big crowds and judgmental stares you get at the big gyms! At Sugar Land Fit Life they offer a more intimate gym setting with plenty of space for experienced lifters as well as those just getting started on their fitness journey. With 4500 square feet of space, a variety of equipment, and personal training programs, this is one of the best gyms in Sugar Land for all skill levels.

Legacy Fitness Greatwood

7002 Riverbrook Dr. #200, Sugar Land, TX 77479

This neighborhood gym delivers intimate private and small group training. They pride themselves on their passion and personal touches. Their experienced trainers will help you build lean muscle to burn fat and lose pounds. They can help you form a nutritional plan and customized supplement program that will work for you.

D1 Training Sugar Land

16550 Southwest Fwy A, Sugar Land, TX 77479

the gym space at D1 Training

photo courtesy of D1 Training’s Facebook page

D1 Training is the perfect gym in Sugar Land for both youth and pro athletes as well as anyone else who wants to get science-backed training. The trainers here can help you meet your specific fitness goals whether that’s nailing high school tryouts, improving your overall strength, or going pro!


14019 Southwest Fwy #303, Sugar Land, TX 77478

The FLEX is for those who are more serious about their fitness. They offer high-quality equipment for trainers and fitness enthusiasts as well as resistance, calisthenics, and small group training. They’ve created a community of like-minded individuals who get it done!

Best Fitness Classes In Sugar Land, Texas

F45 Training Sugar Land

2230 Lone Star Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77479


If you’re limited on time, F45 is one of the best gyms in Sugar Land for you. You’ll burn 750 calories in only 45 minutes with one of their functional HIIT classes that will get your energy, metabolism, and endurance up. The instructors and your fellow classmates create an encouraging environment that will help you push through the hardest of sessions.

SPENGA Sugar Land

13540 University Blvd Suite 250, Sugar Land, TX 77479

an empty spin class room at the SPENGA gym in Sugar Land

photo courtesy of SPENGA

Can’t decide what kind of workout suits you best? SPENGA is a unique fitness gym in Sugar Land that mixes spin, strength training, and yoga. They also use energizing music and aromatherapy to create a truly unique, multi-sensory experience as you exercise.

9 Round Sugar Land

6506 US-90 ALT A 100, Sugar Land, TX 77498

Circuit training at 9 Round

photo courtesy of 9 Round

We love multitasking, so if you need to get some frustration out while you work out, check out this boxing gym in Sugar Land. While completing nine exercises for three minutes each, you’ll learn how to keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone and get a full-body workout. The exercises change every day so you won’t get bored, plus there are no set class times so you can show up whenever it’s convenient for you!

Pure Barre Sugar Land

4857 Sweetwater Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479

For those of you who might need a low-impact workout that still delivers results while improving strength and flexibility, Pure Barre is the workout for you. At this Sugar Land gym, instructors will lead you through classes that are inspired by a mix of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. They offer a free foundation class for anyone who wants to give it a try!

REV365 Fitness

16322A Southwest Fwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479

body composition scanning technology

photo courtesy of REV365

This is a boutique gym in Sugar Land that uses integrated technology to measure real results. Their classes combine HIIT workouts with strength and cardio to keep your body guessing and produce real results. Plus, you can see those results during and after your workout with technology that monitors your heart rate and scans your body composition.

Best Yoga Studios in Sugar Land, Texas

Hot Yoga Sugar Land

16126 Southwest Fwy #270, Sugar Land, TX 77479

People doing yoga at Hot Yoga

photo courtesy of Hot Yoga Sugar Land Facebook Page

Work on your physical health at the same time as your mental health. These yoga classes in Sugar Land are done at an elevated temperature so that your muscles and connective tissues are more pliable. You’ll gain strength, endurance, and flexibility plus reduce stress with these classes.


16140 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Transform your body and mind with Yesyoga’s mantra of saying yes to the possibility of more in your life! This Sugar Land yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes plus they even have babysitting at certain times so moms can join in guilt-free! Who wouldn’t say yes to that?


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