Nail Salon Houston

Nail Salon Houston

The Best Nail Salons in Houston are Nails & Co. Beauty Bar for trendy nail art, Lovely Nails and Spa for high-end luxury, Amber Nail Spa for organic treatments, Gloss Nail Bar for intricate hand-painted designs, and QT Nails for friendly service and quality.

Visiting a nail spa where you can get your nails all glammed up or have a facial or a massage is the very definition of self-care. Fortunately, you’ll never run out of fabulous nail salons in Houston where you can get the best nails and service. Whether you’re looking to get some new nail art or some new acrylics, check out this list of the best salons to go to in H-Town.

Best Nail Salons in Houston – Grouped By Location

Downtown Houston

Midtown Houston

Uptown Houston

Sugar Land

The Heights

Other Houston Neighborhoods

Quick Summary of the Best Nail Salons in Houston

Houston boasts a vibrant nail scene, catering to diverse styles and budgets. Whether you seek a trendy makeover, luxurious indulgence, or personalized attention, this diverse city has the perfect salon for you.

For luxury seekers, you can try nail salons like Lovely Nails and Spa. They feature high-end services and combine luxury with a variety of spa treatments. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, try out Glow Spa and Nails which is known for its high-quality service and affordable options.

Craving a friendly and attentive experience? Lux Nail Spa is known for its warm atmosphere and personalized service. For unique specialties, Pretty Nails Society is the nail salon for you. 

With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect salon to match your style and preferences. So, step out and treat yourself to a pampering experience!

Editor’s Note: Our staff works hard to bring you the latest information. However, all information mentioned in this article is subject to change. As always, please confirm before heading out.

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Nail Salon Downtown Houston

Sojourn De Nails (4.5 stars, 170+ reviews)

  • Nail Services: Wide range of nail services, including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic nails, and nail art. They use top-of-the-line products from brands such as Le Labo, Aesop, and La Mer.
  • Additional Services: Waxing services
  • Affordability: Prices are comparable to other high-end nail salons in Houston. 
  • Atmosphere: Luxurious and relaxing salon. It’s also clean and well-maintained.
  • Insider Tips: If you want to splurge, the Bouji manicure and pedicure include all the bells and whistles. And if you’re looking to save some money, get one of their packages or specials.
  • Location: 1625 Main St suite a-2, Houston, TX 77002
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm

QT Nail Bar (4.6 stars, 190+ reviews)

  • Services: They offer manicures, pedicures, gel polish, acrylics, and nail art
  • Additional Services: Spa treatments like paraffin dips, waxing, and hot stone massages
  • Affordability: Competitive prices compared to other Houston nail salon
  • Atmosphere: Clean, modern, and spacious salon. However, busy hours can feel crowded.
  • Insider Tips: Weekdays during early mornings and afternoons are the best times to go to avoid crowds. 
  • Location: 8111 North Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston, TX 77064
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm | Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm

Midtown Houston Nail Salons

Heavenly Nails Spa (4.5 stars, 290+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Heavenly Nails Spa

Best Nail Salons Houston | Image credit: Heavenly Nails Spa

  • Services: Full-service nail salon offering manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel nails, and color powder.
  • Additional Services: Eyelash extensions (full sets, fills, individuals)
  • Affordability: Described as affordable, however, pricing differs for each service.
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and welcoming environment
  • Insider Tips: Weekdays are best for the least waiting times for walk-ins.
  • Location: 2007 W Alabama St c, Houston, TX 77098
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 7:30 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 6:30 pm

Le Bijou Nails and Spa (4.7 stars, 250+ reviews)

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, gel polish, and nail art with various pampering options like milk & honey treatments and volcano pedicures
  • Additional services: Facials, body care, and hair styling
  • Affordability: Moderate pricing with basic manicures starting at $25 and pedicures at $35.
  • Atmosphere: Tranquil environment designed for relaxation
  • Insider Tips: Street parking can be limited, so consider using a nearby parking garage or arriving early to secure a spot.
  • Location: 6134 Westheimer Rd ste c, Houston, TX 77057
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9:30 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 12 pm – 6 pm

TrueSpa Day Spa (4.9 stars, 12+ reviews)

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures (regular, gel, acrylic), and nail art
  • Additional Services: Waxing, facials, and massages
  • Affordability: Competitive for the Houston area
  • Atmosphere: Clean, calming, and nicely decorated with warm and friendly staff
  • Insider Tips: Appointments are highly recommended. On-site parking is also limited.
  • Location: 7011 Harwin Dr. Suite 222, Houston, TX 77036
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm | Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm

Fizz Nail Lounge (4.5 stars, 280+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Fizz Nail Lounge

Nails Houston | Image credit: Fizz Nail Lounge

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, gel X nail extensions, nail enhancements (acrylic, dip powder)
  • Additional Services: Waxing, lash extensions, permanent cosmetics
  • Affordability: Prices vary depending on service, but generally in line with other Houston nail salons
  • Atmosphere: Modern, clean, and upscale vibe
  • Insider Tips: Limited street parking available, consider using a rideshare service or parking garage nearby.
  • Location: 4717 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 7:30 pm | Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm

Lux Nail Spa (4.5 stars, 900+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Lux Nail Spa

Image credit: Lux Nail Spa at Woodlake Square

  • Services: Wide range of nail treatments including gel manicures, dipping powder, organic pedicures, acrylics
  • Additional Services: Facials, waxing, massage, and eyelash extensions
  • Affordability: Competitive pricing
  • Atmosphere: Relaxing spa experience with comfortable seating and attentive staff
  • Insider Tips: The salon is also available for private parties and events
  • Location: 9668 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm

Gloss Nail Bar (4.3 stars, 730+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Gloss Nail Bar

Image credit: Gloss Nail Bar

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, dip powder nails, nail art, and more. They specialize in trendy and intricate designs
  • Affordability: Expect $5-$70 per finger for nail art
  • Atmosphere: Modern and trendy ambiance with a focus on exceptional customer service and a pampering experience
  • Insider Tips: Come with a photo of your desired design for accurate quote and faster service
  • Location: 504 W Gray St B, Houston, TX 77019
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm

Lovely Nails and Spa (4.7 stars, 190+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Lovely Nails and Spa

Best Nail Salon Houston TX | Image credit: Lovely Nails and Spa

  • Services: Manicures, dipping powder, acrylics, gel, nail art, and dipping powder nails
  • Additional Services: Facials, waxing, and massages
  • Affordability: Prices are comparable to other nail salons in the area
  • Atmosphere: One of the most relaxing, clean, modern, and best nail salon in Houston
  • Insider Tips: Ask about their current specials and discounts
  • Location: 13630 Richmond Ave. suite b, Houston, TX 77082
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm

Nail Salon Houston – Uptown & Galleria Nail Salons

Uptown Galleria Nails and Spa (4.4 stars, 230+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Uptown Galleria Nails and Spa

Image credit: Uptown Galleria Nails and Spa

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures (regular, gel, dip, acrylic), and artificial nails (French, ombre, builder gel)
  • Additional Services: Waxing, facials, massage, and eyelash extensions
  • Affordability: Comparable to other nail salons in Houston
  • Atmosphere: One of the beautiful, clean, and relaxing nail shops in Houston
  • Insider Tips: Appointments recommended, especially on weekends
  • Location: 2400 Mid Ln SUITE #300, Houston, TX 77027
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 6:30 pm 

Nail Salon Houston – Sugar Land Nail Salons

T & T Nails Spa (4.8 stars, 1,600+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | T & T Nails Spa

Image credit: T & T Nails Spa

  • Services: Wide range of nail services including manicures, pedicures, shellac, powder dip, gel X
  • Additional Services: Waxing, facials, and massage
  • Affordability: Competitive for the Sugar Land area
  • Atmosphere: Ultra-modern with comforting decor and a warm welcoming atmosphere
  • Insider Tips: The salon has its own parking lot, but it can get busy. Arrive early or consider alternative parking options nearby.
  • Location: 4504 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm

Pretty in Pink Nail Bar (4.4 stars, 720+ reviews)

Nail salons Houston | Pretty in Pink Nail Bar

Image credit: Pretty in Pink Nail Bar

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, and solar nails
  • Additional Services: Facials and massages
  • Affordability: Mid-range pricing
  • Atmosphere: Clean, friendly, and comfortable. They offer complimentary drinks, including coffee, tea, and wine.
  • Insider Tips: Ask about their special group discounts
  • Location: 9907 S Texas 6 #350, Sugar Land, TX 77498
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm

Nail Salon Heights Location Houston

Polished Nail Lounge (4.4 stars, 130+ reviews) 

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, and nail enhancements
  • Additional Services: Facials, waxing, and kids services available
  • Affordability: Comparable to other nail salons in the area.
  • Atmosphere: Clean, modern, and relaxing with complimentary beverages
  • Insider Tips: Check their website or social media for promotions and specials
  • Location: 1004 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008
  • Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am – 7 pm | Friday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 10:30 am – 5 pm

Pure Lux Nail Spa (4 stars, 200+ reviews) 

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, spa treatments, and more with options for gel, acrylic, dipping powder, and natural nail care
  • Additional Services: Eyelash extensions, facials, and waxing
  • Affordability: Generally described as more affordable than other Houston nail salons
  • Atmosphere: Vibe is focused on relaxation and pampering
  • Insider Tips: Best time to go if you’re walking in are on weekdays during off-peak hours
  • Location: 949 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77008
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm | Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm

Nails of America (4.5 stars, 440+ reviews) 

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel nails, matte gel, paraffin manicure, nail designs, nail treatments, little princess mani/ pedi, and more
  • Additional Services: Eyelash extensions, massages, foot spa, Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Treatment, mud masks, and more.
  • Affordability: Prices are comparable to other nail salons in the area.
  • Atmosphere: Relaxing and inviting
  • Insider Tips: They often have specials and discounts, so be sure to check their website or ask when you book your appointment.
  • Location: 2401 N Shepherd Dr. Ste A100, Houston, TX 77008
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 10 am – 5:30 pm

Elegant Nails and Spa (4.2 stars, 60+ reviews) 

Nail salons Houston | Elegant Nails and Spa

Nail Salon Houston | Image credit: Elegant Nails and Spa

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures (express, deluxe, elegant, gel options)
  • Additional Services: Facials and waxing
  • Affordability: Prices vary depending on service, starting from $20 for manicures and $30 for pedicures
  • Atmosphere: Relaxed and clean environment
  • Insider Tips: Street parking is available, but can be limited. Consider metered parking lots or garages nearby.
  • Location: 2620 Shepherd Dr C, Houston, TX 77098
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 10 am – 6 pm

Other Houston Neighborhood Nail Salons

Nails & Co. Beauty Bar (4.9 stars, 20+ reviews)

Nail salon Houston | Nails & Co. Beauty Bar

Image credit: Nails & Co. Beauty Bar

  • Services: Wide range of nail services, including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic nails, and nail art 
  • Additional Services: Waxing, facials, and other beauty services
  • Affordability: They are generally considered to be affordable, especially considering the quality of service.
  • Atmosphere: Clean, modern, and upscale atmosphere. The staff is also friendly and professional.
  • Insider Tips: Free parking is available in the lot behind the salon.
  • Location: 6500 FM 2100 ste 310, Crosby, TX 77532
  • Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:30 am – 6 pm | Saturday: 8:30 am – 3 pm

Montrose Nails (4.6 stars, 170+ reviews) 

  • Services: Manicures and pedicures, including gel and regular polish options
  • Additional Services: Brow waxing and facials
  • Affordability: Prices are midrange. They also offer Groupon deals on some services.
  • Atmosphere: Elegantly simple and aesthetically clean with detail-oriented nail technicians.
  • Insider Tips: They’re popular for their Shellac manicures.
  • Location: 1952 Montrose Blvd C, Houston, TX 77006
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm

Pretty Nails Society (5 stars) 

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic nails, nail art, dipping powder, and more. They specialize in intricate designs and trendy nail styles.
  • Affordability: In line with the Houston average
  • Atmosphere: Clean, modern, and welcoming
  • Insider Tips: Appointments are recommended, especially for weekends and evenings.
  • Location: 118 Vintage Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77070
  • Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am – 7:30 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm

Paris’s Nails and Spa (4.3 stars, 200+ reviews) 

Nail salons Houston | Paris's Nails and Spa

Image credit: Paris’s Nails and Spa

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel polish, dipping powder, nail art, and more
  • Additional Services: Hot stone massages, facials, waxing, and eyelash extensions
  • Affordability: Prices are competitive for the Houston area, with basic manicures starting at $28 and pedicures at $45.
  • Atmosphere: Comfortable, friendly, and relaxing
  • Insider Tips: Set an appointment if you’re going in on the weekend to avoid waiting for hours.
  • Location: 7670 Katy Fwy Suite 90, Houston, TX 77024
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am – 7 pm

Amber Nail Spa (4.7 stars, 130+ reviews)

  • Services: Manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylics, dipping powder, nail art
  • Additional Services: Facials, waxing, eyelash extensions
  • Affordability: Prices competitive for the area
  • Atmosphere: Relaxing with a friendly and attentive staff
  • Insider Tips: There are regular Groupon deals available
  • Location: 4482 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 am – 7 pm | Sunday, 11 am – 5 pm

Glow Spa & Nails (4.2 stars, 160+ reviews)

  • Services: Manicures and pedicures
  • Additional Services: Waxing, eyelash extensions, and mini services for kids
  • Affordability: Affordable pricing
  • Atmosphere: Plush chairs and a relaxing atmosphere
  • Insider Tips: Bring your own polish if you have a specific color in mind
  • Location: 2031 Westcreek Ln Ste. 124, Houston, TX 77027
  • Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 7:30 pm | Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm | Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm

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