Discovery Dome at HMNS

Kids will love the Discovery Dome at HMNS

HMNS Discovery Dome brings to you an immersive learning and exploratory experience that enables children to learn about and experience stars, dinosaurs, planets, and volcanoes closely.

The museum is showing thirty unique films ranging from outer space to prehistoric times. Additionally, the event will feature an option for live presentation, with a personal astronomer for guests.

Events and Programs at the HMNS Discovery Dome

Dig into Earth Science

This program features hunting for authentic fossils and taking a fast-paced through the Earth’s crust. And, guess what, you can even come across a dinosaur through real fossilized specimens with Earth Science on Wheels. HMNS brings one of the seven earth science experiences to your location through interactive and hands-on presentations. The programs are available for people of different ages. Even adults can enjoy the journey through the Earth’s crust.

Wonder on Wheels

This event is an opportunity to explore concepts in energy, physics, and chemistry with the help of high-interest demonstrations and audience participation. Additionally, you can also explore the effect of liquid nitrogen and watch energy transform. And yes, you will see Newton’s laws in action – something that we’ve all studied in school. The spaces for this event are limited. Click here to participate in the events or write an email to re**********@hm**.org to book your space immediately.

Discovery Dome at HMNS

Discovery Dome at HMNS

Other events at Discovery Dome include

  • Discovery Dish: Enjoy an immersive view of the universe with HMNS’s Discovery Dish
  • Discovery Flight Deck: Get the feeling of traveling into the depths of space.
  • Sunshine & Shadows: Explore how to tell time by the sun, how to concentrate solar energy, etc.

Click here for a full lineup and additional details about the event and event-specific ticket costs.

About The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

HNMS is a natural history museum in Houston, Texas. It was established in 1909 and is one of the most famous museums in the United States. The museum has a range of permanent exhibits, including The Foucault pendulum, Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife, Cullen Hall of Gems & Minerals, Strake Hall of Malacology, and many others. Click here to know more about the museum.


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