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Bubble hotel at Basecamp Terlingua in West Texas

If you’ve been in the mood for a super dreamy movie like night lately, then you’re not the only one. And if you are going to step out after all the staying-at-home in the last year, why not do it in style and at a place that is sure to create lasting memories! Thankfully if you have the means to travel, Texas has some of the coolest places to visit while spreading out and staying safe, and Basecamp Terlingua is 100% on that list.   

About Basecamp Terlingua

Basecamp Terlingua is in the western portion of the state in Terlingua, Texas near Big Bend National Park. It features epic and unique lodging accommodations that’s in the heart of a rustic desert with a futuristic feel 

It’s honestly one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Texas and the night sky views are just one of the qualifiers to this. It offers a stunning landscape that comes with biking, hiking, river, rafting, lounging, and the biggest and brightest stars you’ve ever seen.  

Bubble Hotel In Basecamp Terlingua, West Texas

In the famous little bubble hotel, you’ll be able to enjoy a climate-controlled area with a clear view of the sky. The brand-new bubble rooms have been newly installed, and which makes the Bubble Hotel one of a kind and the only one in all of America.  

The bubble style rooms are located in a private portion of the area and include views of the Chisos Mountains. It’s just minutes away from restaurants, bars, and much more.  

From the comfort of the bubble, guests will have a queen-sized bed, full bathroom and shower, fridge, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, inside seating area, heating/AC and more. The outside area includes additional seating for guests to enjoy that includes a private fire pit and bonus outdoor shower.  

How to book the bubble hotel 

To look up availability and marvel at the amazing photos visit Basecamp Terlingua at their website You can also utilize the chat feature on their website to ask property managers online any questions you might have regarding your future stay.  


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