Snow Cone and Shaved Ice in Houston - Armadillo Snow Cones

Snow Cones in Houston – 10 Best Snow Cones & Shaved Ice Shops | Image Credit – Armadillo Snow Cones

10 Best Snow Cone Shops and Shaved Ice Places in Houston 

Have you wondered “Where to go for the best snow cones near me in Houston?”. If so, you are not alone.

There’s nothing better in the summertime than a quick stop at the local snow cone shop to cool off in the heat. Snow cones and shaved ice in Houston are more than just your average crushed ice in a cup.

Light, airy and fluffy snow cones are up for grabs in a number of cool stores in the city where you can get your fill of toppings and yummy syrups to pair with your snow flavors. From Hawaiian-style shaved ice to New Orleans-styled snowballs to sugar-free ice, there’s something special for everyone at the best snow cone shops in Houston.

Check out these 10 snow cone and shaved ice shops in Houston and all the different flavors and specials they serve that will make for a terrific chill to bring down the summer heat.

Snow Cones in Houston – Best Snow Cone Shops

Tutti Treats

New Orleans-style snowballs, shaved ice, SuperMan Ice Cream, Guzel Homemade Puddings, Boston Coolers, and more await you at this fun place where you can choose from dozens of flavors and grab your favorite ice-cold treats. Try the Tiger’s Blood snow cones and Georgia Peach, which are highly recommended.
Where: 2829 Chimney Rock Rd Houston, TX 77056

Unicorn Snow Cones

Snow Cones in Houston - 10 Best Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Shops to beat the heat!

Try Unicorn’s vast and colorful selection of flavors when you are here next.

Get your fill of gourmet, fluffy, magical snow cones in all kinds of fun flavors like bubble gum, cotton candy, and cherry. An ideal treat on a hot summer’s day, the food truck is a family-friendly spot for a quick cold snack with delicious topics and unique flavor combinations.
Where: 1849 Hollister St Houston, TX 77080

Sno Dreamz

Check out this place for soft, fluffy snowballs that will melt in your mouth and promise nothing but lip-smacking goodness. The New Orleans-style snowballs come in a number of different flavors lathered in delicious syrup. Go for the blackberry and wild cherry snow cone accompanied by a milky swirl next time you’re here.
Where: 11320 Fondren Rd Houston, TX 77035

Oasis Snowballs

Snow Cones in Houston - 10 Best Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Shops to beat the heat!

Oasis has a ton of different flavors in store for fans of snow cones.

This shaved ice and snow cone place offers a ton of refreshing flavors that will help you beat the summer heat. Try the banana and blue coconut while you’re here and even the strawberry shortcake snowball which will create an explosion of taste and flavor in your mouth. As its name suggests, this is an oasis in the height of summer! Among our favorite Houston Snow Cone Shops! 
Where: 4705 Hwy 6 N Ste A Houston, TX 77084

Armadillo Snow Cones

One of the most popular snow cone spots in Houston, this place serves fresh, delicious flavors and loads of toppings on shaved ice and snowballs. Try the pinacolada or the pink Leche with cream and even the pink lemonade paired with a helping of spicy, cheesy corn which adds just the right amount of chili to your sweet and cold dessert.
Where: 711 Telephone Rd Houston, TX 77023

Shaved Ice in Houston 


Snow Cones in Houston - 10 Best Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Shops to beat the heat!

Visit Friohana to enjoy some light Hawaiian-style shaved ice.

Check out Friohana for some of its popular Hawaiian-style hand-shaven ice in some classic as well as natural flavors. Try the mango snow cone made with mango puree and sprinkled with chili powder, an utter crowd favorite. There are a ton of add-ons like cream and chamois too that go really well with some of its soft and fluffy snow cones.
Where: 103 Sabine St Houston, TX 77007

Bahama Buck’s

Try the snow cones and shaved ice at Bahama’s Bucks which can be found in eight locations across Houston. The island-themed shop serves light and airy snow cones in a host of flavors as well as some smoothies, acai bowls, fresh juices and other gourmet options.
Where: 11300 Katy Fwy Houston, TX 77043

Buzzles Shaved Ice

Snow Cones in Houston - 10 Best Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Shops to beat the heat!

Buzzles offers an amazing selection of shaved ice and snow cone flavors.

If you’re open to a bit of fusion, visit Buzzles which blends together the classic Hawaiian-style shaved ice with the New Orleans-inspired snow cone to create a frozen dessert that is absolute deliciousness. One of the top shaved ice shops in Houston, try its iconic flavors like red velvet and the Harry Potter butterbeer finished with your choice of sumptuous toppings.
Where: 2616 Fm 2920 Rd Ste A Spring, TX 77388

Texas Shaved Ice Express

This Houston spot has in-store sweet, sour, spicy shaved ice that makes for a great summer’s day treat as well as delicious and fresh toppings and light, airy ice and snow cones. Try the blue raspberry and green apple snow cones while you’re here and some tasty Mexican dishes that are on the menu!
Where: 5211 Barker Cypress Rd Houston, TX 77084


Snow Cones in Houston - 10 Best Snow Cone & Shaved Ice Shops to beat the heat!

Try the flights at Weekley’s before you select your flavor of choice.

This place has a flight option so you can actually try four different flavors before settling on one you like. The shaved ice here can be topped with a variety of options including gummy bears and even pickles. And for those on a bit of a health kick, there are sugar-free as well as keto options for you to choose from.
Where: 7203 McCoy Rd Manvel, TX 77578

All images courtesy: Yelp

Any other Houston snow cone shops or shave ice places that we missed? Comment below to let us know.

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