Prestonwood Forest Lights

Prestonwood, Houston Christmas Lights: courtesy Prestonwood Forest, photo credit P. Ilijana

For another stop on our Christmas lights tour of Houston, we head northwest to Prestonwood Forest for their “Nite of Lites” event. For more than 40 years, the residents in Prestonwood Forest have gone all out decorating their houses to brighten up their neighborhood–and to win awards, of course. Most of the nearly 750 homes in the neighborhood participate in the event.

Prestonwood Forest “Nite of Lights” 2021

The event runs from Saturday, December 11th to Sunday, January 2nd. On your tour, expect everything to be lit up, including doors, mailboxes, and lampposts. Some blocks take coordination a step further with a shared theme. You’ll be amazed at some of the residents’ creativity.

Also, the awards for each house were given out on December 11th. There are categories for classic decorations, creativity, and all-around best decor. So, if you drive through now, you’ll get to see who’s considered the best of the best. They take the judging pretty seriously here and have an outside panel of judges hand out the awards.

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Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights in Houston - 2021 Guide For Best Time To Visit, Map & More!

courtesy Prestonwood Forest

Prestonwood Christmas Lights – Hours Of Operation and Tips On Traffic

The lights go on around dusk, or at 6 p.m., and to reduce traffic in the area, they get turned off by 11 p.m on holidays and weekends. (On weekdays, they’ll go off at 10 p.m.) And there will be plenty of traffic–expect to spend about an hour and a half touring the lights. People drive in from all around to see the Prestonwood lights on display.


Drive in at Hargrave at Charlynn Oaks or Prestonwood Forest at 249 and go from there. The whole neighborhood is lit up, so you don’t have to worry hitting a specific area.

As for parking, most people prefer to go through by car, these days especially. Residents have been asked to avoid parking in the street to reduce traffic, so it may be best to avoid parking there yourself. However, you can always look for street parking outside of the neighborhood if you would like to tour some of the lights on foot.

Prestonwood Forest Christmas Lights in Houston - 2021 Guide For Best Time To Visit, Map & More!

courtesy Prestonwood Forest

Holiday cheer is serious business in Prestonwood Forest. They love to celebrate together as a community, and they love to share that cheer with visitors, too. Check out their light display and become a part of that decades-long tradition!


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