Christmas lights in Shepherd Park Plaza

Christmas Lights & Arches in Shepherd Park Plaza, Houston – Image copyright:

With this crazy Texas weather, sometimes we have to take things into our own hands to get us into the Christmas spirit! Visiting all of these beautiful neighborhoods with their incredible holiday lights has done the trick for me. We continue our tour of the best Houston neighborhoods with extra special Christmas lights displays at Shepherd Park Plaza!

Shepherd Park Plaza Houston Christmas Lights – Lighted Arches

This northwest Houston neighborhood has a unique tradition that dates back to the 1960s and makes visiting their area during Christmas time even more unique.  Each street in this neighborhood puts up big lighted arches across their streets to make looking at the decorated homes even more special.

Homeowners come together with their neighbors to decorate their street’s arches and even have arch-raising parties. Some choose specific themes for their street and each one is unique. Shepherd Park Plaza really goes all out with their festive displays. The various cul-de-sacs even decorate their center islands, each one is different than the next.

The families are competing for awards for the holiday light spectacles, including best cul-de-sac, best lighting, most religious, best door, best window, and kid’s choice, so you know that this neighborhood takes its decorations seriously!

Holiday lights in Shepherd Park plaza

Shepherd Park Plaza Lights – Image Copyright:

When Do The Lights Go Up – Shepherd Park Plaza Christmas Lights Dates

Most homeowners will get their decorations up shortly after Thanksgiving. That’s when most people are ready to get in the Christmas spirit. More homes will be popping up as we get closer to Christmas. The decked-out designs will likely stay up until shortly after New Year.

Shepherd Park Plaza holiday lights

Shepherd Park Plaza Lights – Image Copyright:


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Shepherd Park Plaza Christmas Lights Continued

Where To See the Shepherd Park Plaza Christmas Lights

The arches are up throughout the entire Shepherd Park Plaza neighborhood, so you can start anywhere you’d like. A great option would be at the corner of Golf Drive and Chambord Lane. Bring your phone to keep track of where you’ve been and where you’d like to go because the roads can be a bit confusing. You won’t get lost though, just follow the holiday arches!

You can make your way along the west side of the neighborhood first and then head back through the east side. Make sure to check out the cul-de-sacs as well, as they’ve got some exquisite exhibits as well.

Neighborhood lights in Shepherd Park Plaza

Shepherd Park Plaza Lights – Image Copyright:

Shepherd Park Plaza Christmas Lights Map

Map of the Christmas lights in Shepherd Park Plaza

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Shepherd Park Plaza – Parking

This neighborhood is very spread out, so most people who come here to view the lights will usually stay in their own car. If you prefer to walk around to see the lights, there is street parking available. Make sure to check for any signs and be respectful of the people who live in the neighborhood.

When is the Best Time to See the Christmas Lights?

Shepherd Park Plaza holiday lights

Shepherd Park Plaza Lights – Image Copyright:

The Shepherd Park Plaza holiday lights are well known around Houston as one of the best places to go see the Christmas decorations. That means that the neighborhood can get a bit crowded during peak times. If you want to avoid the crowds, plan your visit during the week. The busiest times are on Saturdays around 7 pm and on. You can arrive as soon as the sun goes down, starting around 5:30 pm. 

Shepherd Park Plaza Holiday Arches is a Tradition the Lives On

This tradition that’s been around since the 60s is the perfect holiday family friend activity to add to your own family’s holiday itinerary. The special arches that drape over the streets make this Houston neighborhood one of the most unique and special holiday displays. Make sure to swing by Shepherd Park Plaza to see the Christmas lights this year! As always, be respectful of the people living in this neighborhood while visiting their lights.



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