sling tv free antenna deals

With cable prices rising, people continue to look for budget-friendly alternatives that allow them to watch the shows they like without the high prices that cable requires. This explains why so many people continue to move to streaming services to have their needs met. And streaming is a great solution, but it’s not perfect. You can find most channels through streaming, so it’s possible to replace your cable package with a much cheaper alternative.

The only issue is local channels. Most streaming services do offer some local channels, but they are all based on location. Depending on where you live, you might receive the basic offerings through most streaming services, but even that’s not guaranteed.

This is why most people that stream cable channels also have a digital antenna to cover everything local. This ensures that you have all of your available local content with the cable channels and shows that you enjoy. Of course, if you’re short on money or don’t want to continue purchasing equipment, this might seem like a hassle to you. Luckily, Sling TV has a solution!

Right now, Sling TV is offering an excellent, limited-time deal that gives you an AirTV 2 HD Antenna for FREE!

In order to qualify for this deal, you need to pre-pay for 2-months of the Sling TV package of your choice. If you’re unfamiliar with Sling TV, here are some of the benefits:

  • It’s Cheap! – Sling TV is one of the best deals in streaming!
  • Packages start at just $30 per month
  • Watch channels like ESPN, TNT, A&E, FS1, AMC, TLC, Food Network, History, FX, Cartoon Network, FOX News, CNN, TBS, and dozens of other channels
  • Low-cost add-ons allow you to customize your package
  • No contracts mean you can cancel whenever you want
  • Enjoy an on-demand library, cloud-DVR, and other package perks

The biggest problem with Sling TV where streaming fans are concerned was always the lack of local channels. They do offer some local access through the main interface, but it’s limited to only a handful of cities. By offering you a FREE AirTV2 you will be able to watch all of the available local channels in your area. This means that for as low as $30 per month, you’ll be able to watch some of the most popular cable channels available plus all of your area local content. That means you’ll be able to watch everything from your favorite TV shows to news to sports (including NFL games) and more.

If that’s not good enough, you’ll also have a full on-demand library, cloud-DVR, access to TV Everywhere apps, and you can upgrade your account with additional channels. Since you can cancel at any time, you never have to worry about getting stuck in a package you don’t want, either. You can add channels and remove them when you want or even swap one upgrade out for another! If the time comes when you feel that Sling TV no longer works for you, you’ll be able to cancel right from your account.

In the meantime, paying for 2-months of the Sling TV package of your choice will get you a FREE AirTV2, and if you want to cancel at the end of your 2-months, you can always do that.

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