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If podcasts can teach us anything it’s that everyone has a voice. Of course, people that are listening and not making podcasts have no idea how hard it can be to produce one. The amount of work and planning that goes into a good podcast can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of sound production. Good podcasters have to be able to be creative and well-spoken, but also on the pulse of technology. They need to know how to utilize the right equipment in the right way to create the best possible sound. And that’s where things can start getting expensive.

A good podcast is comparable to a radio-based talk show. It’s becoming a popular way to market creative projects, put yourself out in the world, and to share your opinion on just about anything. While once a form of entertainment, podcasts have real money-making ability in the right situations.

Whether you have and are constantly trying to improve your podcast or you’re just starting out, you may want to consider using a podcast studio to record your podcast. Not only does a studio give you access to a dedicated space to create your podcast with the best equipment available, they offer in-house production assistance which makes recording your podcast easier than ever!

While not all cities have a good selection of podcast studios, Houston is an exception. You’ll find several great studios in town offering space at affordable rates. Using a studio often ends up being cheaper, as the equipment is provided. Add in the additional production help and you could easily take your podcast to the next level.

This is not a list of all of the podcast studios in Houston, but it does offer a selection of available studios and the services they offer.


The Work Well Podcast Booth

Location: 13100 Wortham Center Drive 3rd Floor

Cost: $60 per hour

The Work Well Podcast Booth is a great studio at a reasonable price with rates at just $60 an hour. This professional space includes all of the equipment you’ll need to improve your podcast. The space is clean and quiet, making it a great space for podcasts and other recorded files. Included for use is 4 RODE PodMics, 4 sets of Audio Technica Noise Cancelling headphones, Table Mic Stands, and a RODE CasterPro 6 Input Mixer. You can rent this studio in 30-minute increments if needed.


Office Evolution

Location: 525 Woodland Square Blvd.

Cost: $75 per hour

Office Evolution – Conroe/Woodlands is one of the newest studios to hit the area. Some of the amenities of this new space include rentable private offices, professional business services, open co-working space, and more. This is all in addition the actual podcast studio that will undoubtedly fill all of your needs in podcast production. Postproduction services are also available for an additional fee. Available podcast equipment includes brands like RodeCaster, MXL, Audio Technica, CAMTASIA, and more!


KCOH-TV Studios Podcasting Suite

Location: 5011 Almeda Road

Cost: $75 per hour

KCOH-TV Studios Podcasting Suites are a great choice, especially if you produce your podcast with partners or offer frequent guests. One of the nicest things about the KCOH-TV experience is that the studio offers space for three to six people at one time. Allowing everyone the time and space to record together on the same equipment not only improves the feel and sound of your podcast, it saves you time in post from trying to fix differences in audio. Like the other studios mentioned, KCOH-TV offers the best in quality recording equipment to help you create the best possible podcast.


Ready to Rock Podcast Studio in North Houston

Location: 25700 Interstate 45 #400

Cost: $75 an hour

The Ready to Rock Podcast Studio in North Houston offers a stellar studio if you’re looking for something around the Woodlands. Ready to Rock offers the best equipment in a professional space, so you only need to worry about what you want to say during your podcast. Equipment is available from brands including Audio Technica, Mackie, and other popular brands. If you’re new to podcasting or don’t want the hassle, you can also add in producing, editing, and even hosting services at additional fees. When renting the Ready to Rock Studio for your podcast, a 2-hour minimum rental is required.


The Sphere Podcast Studios

Location: 10333 Harwin Dr. #444

Cost: Varies

The Sphere Podcast Studios are a luxury studio perfect for podcasters, YouTube channel hosts, web series creators, audiobook narrators, and more. They have everything you need to make your dreams come true.


Local Office

Location: 2617 Bissonnet St #200

Cost: Varies

Local Office podcast studio has everything you need to turn your podcast from idea to reality. Their professional-grade equipment and studio space makes it easy and fun for you to create the perfect show suited to your creative desires. There are some great amenities like 24/7 access & video security, complimentary drinks & snacks, fully furnished officers, conference rooms, and more.


Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster looking to take your show to the next level or you’re finally ready to give podcasting a try, PodcastRental.com makes it easy to find a local studio to bring your vision to life anywhere across the US.

Where do you produce your podcast? Let us know your favorite Houston studio in the comments!


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