bluebonnets in texas

Spring has officially sprung in Texas! That means there are bluebonnets and people posing with them all over the state. Want to take beautiful Bluebonnet pictures? You don’t have to be a trained photographer to take memorable snaps. Whether you’re photographing your kids, pets, or your family or friends, check out our simple tips for Bluebonnets photography for taking amazing photos. 

1.Find out the best spots to take bluebonnet pictures near you

Thankfully, there are plenty of great spots to pose with the bluebonnets in and around Houston. 

Buffalo Bayou is home to large bluebonnet patches all over the park. Make sure to head over toward the South Bank and The Dunlavy of Buffalo Bayou for the best photo opportunities.  

Spotts Park is another awesome spot to go hunt out some beautiful bluebonnets. Right across Memorial Drive, you can find some big patches to pose in. It’s also smart to check the southeast side of Spotts for other good fields. 

Memorial ParkYou can typically find bluebonnets and other wildflowers popping up in various spots along the running trail.

For a complete list of bluebonnet fields across Houston, check out our recent article. 

2. Plan the photoshoots when Bluebonnets are at peak bloom 

Bluebonnets bloom around springtime all across Texas. They tend to grow well in large fields where they can spread freely. Make sure to plan your photoshoots for the end of March or in April when you’ll have the most flowers to work with. 

3. Don’t pick the Bluebonnet flowers

Did you know that the Bluebonnet, as the state flower of Texas, is actually protected? Is picking a bluebonnet illegal? It’s illegal to pick the little beauties. So pose in them and admire their beauty, but make sure to leave them in the ground. 

4. Find a safe place to take Bluebonnet pictures

As previously mentioned, bluebonnets love to congregate in large fields and up and down the highway. As you enter the flowerful fields, make sure there aren’t any animals around you’re disturbing. Do snakes hide in bluebonnets? It’s rare since snakes don’t come out fully until summertime, but you never know.  Also, make sure that your location is safe. Hanging out on the side of major highways can be very dangerous, as cars are moving at quick speeds. 

5. Prepare your Bluebonnet picture outfits and clothing

What should I wear to a Bluebonnet picture? The great thing about bluebonnet photo sessions is that the blue flowers look great with a myriad of colors, especially white. Regardless of which color, or combination of colors, you and your group choose, it’s always a smart idea to coordinate. That way you look great and so do the bluebonnets. 

6. Time of Bluebonnet photoshoot

Have you ever heard of golden hour? It’s that sweet spot, right as the sun is setting where everything is glowing and warm. It’s a perfect time for photos. If you can’t make golden hour work, just make sure not to take photos around 12 or 1 pm. The direct sunlight at this time of the day can be harsh in photos and softer light always photographs better.  

7. Prepare your family for the Bluebonnet photo session

Looking at the bluebonnets around springtime and getting to take photos with them should be fun! So make sure that your group bluebonnet family photos are ready to go on a fun adventure. Make sure to not only make this a great photo opportunity, but also a bonding or adventuresome experience.  

8. Get the right angle for Bluebonnets pictures

Taking photos in fields of flowers certainly isn’t a new idea. It may be a good idea to do some Pinterest research and find cute poses. Many individual shots are taken while people are laying down in the fields of flowers while some family shots look nice head-on. Sitting in the fields is often more aesthetic than standing since it makes the bluebonnets look thicker. 

9. Be mindful of your background

Remember, just because the flowers are pretty doesn’t mean your background will be. For the best shots, make sure to not let things like highways and people in the backgrounds. 

10. Prop ideas for perfect Bluebonnets pictures

Do you have a cute family puppy? It’s the perfect prop for family photos. Or, if you’re a Texan, you may think about putting on a cowboy hat or bandana to show off your state pride