Bluebonnets in Houston

Every Spring, Texans look forward to stepping outside and seeing the beautiful state flower bloom. Families flock to parks and fields, trying to snap the best photos of their babies playing in the flowers. Houston bluebonnets fields can vary year to year, but thankfully, there are certain prime spots that seem to always flourish this time of year.

Will Bluebonnets bloom this year? 

The recent winter storm Uri was harsh on people, plants and animals of Texas. A number of people are concerned whether the cold snap would have impacted bluebonnets negatively. The short news is that bluebonnets are expected this year as well, around the end of March and beginning of April for most of Texas. Check out our article for more details about bluebonnets and opinion of Texas experts on when to expect bluebonnets this year.

Things to know before you head out to see Bluebonnets in Houston

  • Respect nature–The bluebonnets in Houston are beautiful, and we want to keep them that way. When you go to visit a bluebonnet field, be very careful walking around. A lot of people ask “Is it illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas?” Answer is No. However, it is important to be courteous and let other Texans enjoy them as well. Don’t trample the flowers, do not pick them. And if you see a bluebonnet patch in someone’s yard or private property, do not enter.
  • Stay safe–In your excitement to enjoy the bluebonnets and to take your photos, don’t be careless and disregard safety. Some Houston bluebonnet patches may be near busy roads, so make sure your kids don’t run out into traffic. Also, be on the lookout for ant beds, mosquitoes, and even snakes in some cases.
  • Don’t hog the spotlight–There’s a good chance you won’t be the only one visiting the bluebonnet patch. If others are around, make sure you’re sharing the space and everyone gets a chance for their photo op.


Where to Find Bluebonnets in Houston

Please keep in mind that by no means does this list detail every single Houston bluebonnet patch. Additionally, things can change quickly due to nature and other outside forces.

With that in mind, here are some proven fields that typically offer great bluebonnet sightings around the Houston area

  1. Buffalo Bayou is huge and bluebonnet patches can be found all over the park. However, the best places to check out are near The Dunlavy, Jackson Hill Bridge, and the South bank of Buffalo Bayou. Patches are small but are good for photos.
  2. Spotts Park. On the other side of Memorial Dr. off Waugh Dr., you can usually find some large patches every year. The best patches are said to be found on the southeast side of the park.
  3. Memorial ParkYou can typically find bluebonnets and other wildflowers popping up in various spots along the running trail.
  4. White Oak BayouAlong T.C. Jester from W. 34th St. to Ella Boulevard (near 18th St.) has plenty of patches for pictures. Also, check out Stude Park at Studemont and White Oak (near 1-10).
  5. Hermann Park. Bluebonnets are typically found in Bayou Parkland, a small part of Hermann Park. You can find them along Brays Bayou behind Hermann Park at Almeda and South MacGregor.
  6. Terry Hershey Park. Bluebonnets can be spotted from Dairy Ashford St. The park itself is also good for playgrounds, fishing, and hiking trails.
  7. Blessington Farms. Good for those out near Katy and Sugarland, Blessington Farms has a small hill with bluebonnets and wildflowers. You can also participate in strawberry picking and other fun farm activities.
  8. Mercer Botanic Gardens. Up in Spring, the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Garden typically has a small patch of bluebonnets in their native wildflower/flower section. It could also be an educational experience for the kids as they can learn about different endangered plants that are protected there.
  9. Rob Fleming ParkThis large park in The Woodlands has some bluebonnet patches. It’s a great place for families as you can play and even have a picnic while you’re there.
  10. Sugar Land. Bluebonnets are usually sighted in Sugar Land in the Telfair community along the river.

Where is your favorite fields to see bluebonnets in Houston? What did we leave off this list? Let us know in the comments below!