What a Thrill! Unlimited Rides at Traders Village Houston
Calling all thrill-seekers! Trader’s Village, a “Texas-Size Marketplace” is a must-visit. From unlimited rides all day for $10.99 and family-friendly amusements for all ages, visit Trader’s Village for some heart-pumping rides.

Summer’s right around the corner, and with school out, you may be wondering what to do with the kiddos over the summer. With shopping, rides and even an RV Park, Trader’s Village is the perfect amusement park activity for all.
So, what rides are there at Traders Village? We’ve broken it up based on your family’s personalities.

Traders Village Houston Rides For The Adventurous 

The Fleafall

The Fleafall
With a drop that falls more than 45 mph, it’s no wonder this is a top ride for your most adventurous family member! Anticipation builds as you slowly climb up the entire height of the tower until a sudden 128 foot drop! 

Pharaoh’s Fury

Pharaoh's Fury
Back and forth, back and forth. This ride swings like a pendulum and looks like King Tut. It’s definitely a ride for the thrill-seekers of the group. For those who aren’t sold on the ride, hang at the bottom and wave to those a little more brave!

Star Dancer

Star Dancer

Slow and steady wins this race. The Star Dancer travels 80 feet into the air, slowly circulating until it reaches the top! This is the perfect spot for a view of the market.


Prarie Screamer * Coming This Fall!

For the ultimate thrill-seeker of the family, the 87-foot high Prairie Screamer will be opening up this fall. Newly refurbished, the ride has an 80-foot drop and travels up to 50 miles per hour. Till then, you’ll have to enjoy some of the other intense rides.

Traders Village Houston Rides For the Little Ones


Another ride that lifts you up a tower, but for those a little smaller. This free-fall takes riders up to a 28-foot tower and drops. If the kids are interested in the ride, adults will have to join!



A classic, the carousel at Trader’s Village Houston was built in 1956 and has been a source for joy since then. Snap some adorable photos of the family enjoying the antique horses.

Family Train

Cruise around the village in the Trackless train! You can enjoy all that the market has to offer by sitting back and relaxing on this.


Look out! This ride is great for kids of all ages and takes them for a spin 15 feet in the air.

Space Age

Space Age

Space fans in your group? Jump in a rocket ship and swirl around as you explore .


This one is a fan-favorite. The Scrambler spins and glides through the air and gives the illusion that you’ll bump into others! It’s a must-visit at Trader’s Village.

Freddy’s Fender Bender

Freddy's Fender Bender

Beep beep! With 14 cars, your little ones will be able to cruise at the bumper car area.

The Rumpus Room

If rides aren’t your kids favorite activity, they’ll find fun at The Rumpus Room, an interactive playground for all ages! Run, jump slide and climb this indoor gymnasium.

Traders Village Houston – Big Discount on Rides

Each ride individually costs $2.69, however, Trader’s Village is offering an unlimited pass for $10.99, meaning you can jump on and off your favorites as much as you want! Trader’s Village is open Saturday and Sundays, from 10 AM to 5 PM. Parking is $5 and the location is conveniently located in Northwest Houston.
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