Confluence Work in Progress

What is coming up at the Bayou Greenway Trail?

Jane Kim’s Confluence: A new art installation at the Bayou Greenway trail will celebrate migratory birds of Houston’s waterways.

Did you know that a number of migratory birds are attracted to the wetlands of Houston every year? In fact, the bayous of Houston are home to a rich and diverse birdlife that flourishes in both, spring and winter. It definitely makes for a fascinating spectacle for all eager birdwatchers. A new public art installation created by artist Jane Kim, co-founder of the Ink Dwell studio, is all about describing this 12-month trajectory of Houston’s birds. 

At the centre of the work are pieces that represent six species in their spring breeding and non-breeding plumage. While on the right are three varieties that come to Houston in winter, the left features three species which flock the bayous in spring to breed.

Where is the mural located?

The mural will spread along the Bayou Greenway trail at the confluence of White Oak and Buffalo Bayous, just below the University of Houston-Downtown’s One Main Building. At 223 feet, Kim’s art will be set up against the backdrop of Houston’s bayous bringing a dynamism and lifelike energy to the installation. Confluence, as it is titled is sure to become an immersive experience for cyclists, pedestrians and students who take this trail for their daily commute.

What does the Bayou Greenway Trail Art celebrate?

Speaking about her mural, Kim said, “Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, and that’s not just limited to its people. The region’s wetlands attract a spectacular array of bird life and Confluence is a monument to that beauty and diversity.” The mural derives its name from the manner in which many birds seasonally change color to attract mates and depicts a breathtaking array of colors that celebrate this very diversity. It is an artwork created with the aim to weave the urban downtown cityscape of Houston into its rich natural beauty.

Ornithological expertise provided by Houston Audubon is sure to give it that realistic feel which will enable Houstonians to connect with nature and understand what makes the waterways of home so special. This massive mural is commissioned by the Houston Parks Board and hosted in collaboration with Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Installation began early in March 2021 and will go on for four to six weeks. 

“We are excited to see work begin on Confluence and enliven this vital corridor with accessible public art,” said Beth White, President and CEO of Houston Parks Board.


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