houston 3d galerie

At 3D Galerié, the traditional rules of art galleries definitely do not apply.

The brand new, ultra-modern pop-up art gallery dares to be different, encouraging its viewers to be participants. This space celebrates interaction, allowing viewers to photograph the work, get close to it, and conversate above a whisper. Art is meant to be enjoyable, and 3D Galerié is doing their part to drive this point home. 

Located inside Richmond Studios, the pop-up gallery opened to the public in early September, and will remain open through October 5th. It’s the brainchild of two Houstonians who seek to bring the experience of cool, hip art openings to their city.

Pop-up art galleries aren’t necessarily a new concept; however, these happenings are more commonly found in Los Angeles and New York. As a way to shine light on Houston’s vibrant and impactful art scene, Uloma Ogbonnaya and Roneisha Smith are shaking things up with the introduction of 3D Galerié. 

This exhibit includes a plethora of contemporary works by local artists. The subjects of these works investigate Pop Art aesthetics, classic paintings, celebrity worship, internet culture, optical illusions, and the crossover between these concepts. Based on the narratives behind these pieces, it’s only natural that the audience becomes participants at the 3D Galerié. 

The inventive gallery space will also be hosting events, including their “Sip and Paint at the Galerié” gatherings. These 45-minute sessions will take place after normal gallery hours, and are open to any viewers over the age of 21. Art enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their own beverages or enjoy a contemporary glass of wine while painting among old and new friends.

3D Galerié is taking plenty of precautions to ensure that art enthusiasts can enthuse safely. Tickets will be sold in limited quantities, and viewers are instructed to wear a mask and visit within their designated time slot.

You can learn more on their website.