SeatGeek Review

If you’re anything like the team here at Houston on the Cheap, you probably love going out to enjoy all the wonderful shows, events and sports that go down in the Houston area. While most events have been on hold the last several months, things are slowly resuming with football, soccer, concerts, and other events returning with limited capacities and new safety protocols in place. Sometimes, securing tickets can be a hassle – but it doesn’t have to be. Today we’re going to talk about SeatGeek, our preferred ticket vendor for events, concerts, sports and more! Keep reading for our full SeatGeek review.


What is SeatGeek?

What is SeatGeek

SeatGeek is an online ticket marketplace to buy and sell event tickets. Their tagline does a good job of summing up what they do: “Life’s an event. We have the tickets.”

SeatGeek is both a primary and a secondary market source of tickets, meaning that you can use SeatGeek to buy tickets directly from events, but also from individuals selling tickets that they no longer need. This is one reason that you can score some excellent deals on SeatGeek.

SeatGeek is also a leader in mobile ticket delivery. Most tickets on the platform can be delivered via email or their mobile app, so you don’t have to wait for snail mail or deal with paper tickets.

Because of their satisfaction guarantee and price match policy, you can rest assured that you’re getting an authentic ticket at a great price when you buy from SeatGeek. There are many reasons that SeatGeek is our preferred ticket vendor that we recommend to readers – and it’s the platform we use for our own tickets, as well!


SeatGeek Deal Score Feature

SeatGeek Deal Score

One of our favorite features of SeatGeek is their Deal Score tool. This feature displays a score of 1 to 10.0 on every ticket that’s for sale, and gives you an idea of whether or not the price is a good deal or not.

All tickets listed for sale have a numerical score of 1.0 to 10.0, with 10 being an amazing deal, and 1 being very overpriced. The score is based on a combination of the event’s popularity, the seat’s location, the historical prices of similar events, and several other factors. The math behind Deal Score is explained in detail in this blog post.

We love this feature because it gives you a quick-and-easy way to tell whether you’re getting a good deal or not. And since pricing changes frequently, it lets deal-seekers wait it out for a chance at a better deal.

We use SeatGeek to score cheap Astros tickets, price compare local concert tickets, and even just to keep an eye on upcoming events in the Houston area. It’s our personal favorite way to buy tickets!

Pro tip: if you want to get the lowest price on tickets, consider waiting until just before (or even just after) the event start time as many sellers will get desperate to unload their tickets for a lower amount rather than not sell them at all.


SeatGeek Review: Bottom Line

SeatGeek is a great way to buy tickets online. It offers a slick mobile app with mobile ticketing and other useful features, and one of the widest selections of tickets available anywhere. SeatGeek has both primary and secondary market tickets for sale, all at great values. And their unique Deal Score feature lets you quickly gauge how good of a deal you are getting!

Also, SeatGeek provides an easy way to sell tickets that you no longer plan to use. The entire process is handled within the SeatGeek platform, ensuring an easy and secure transaction. Whether you’re a ticket reseller or just a fan who can’t make use of the tickets you have, it’s a great place to sell your event tickets for a fair price. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Houston this weekend, give SeatGeek a try!

In the end, SeatGeek is perhaps the best place to buy or sell tickets online – check it out today!