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National Grandparents Day, is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of September. It is a day to show how much you love and appreciate your grandparents. It’s also a great day to for grandkids to spend time with their grandparents, or even just with an older person they feel a close bond with, and let them know they care.

We’ve put together a list of some fun activities around Houston that kids and grandparents can enjoy together, on grandparents day or any day–after all, we don’t need a special day to show our loved ones how much we care!

Things To Do With Grandparents in Houston – Fun activities for seniors & kids! 

1. Visit the Children’s Museum of Houston

Things to do with Grandparents in Houston - Children's Museum of Houston

Image credit: Children’s Museum Houston

This museum does a great job of catering to kids who are interested in learning about global cultures, science, and computers. The exhibits and activities work to foster creativity and a desire for exploration.

Check out one of the events the museum is putting on–next week, for example, kids will be encouraged to take inspiration from an established children’s book illustrator as part of the What Might You Do Wonderweek event. The following week, the museum will lead visitors in a celebration of Mexican Independence Day with a Fiestas Patrias event.

2. Hang out with the butterflies at the Cockrell Butterfly Center

Activities for grandparents and kids in Houston - Cockrell Butterfly Center

When visiting the Houston Museum of Natural Science, take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the butterflies and insects at the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology. The entrance ticket admits you to both exhibits where you can see both live and preserved specimens, and learn about them with interactive games and displays.

Explore a rain forest environment with a 3-floor butterfly habitat, get a close look at a range of insects, and visit a play area for kids.

3. Visit the Houston Zoo

Things to do with Grandparents in Houston - Houston Zoo

courtesy Houston Zoo

Take a trip to the Houston Zoo. Grandparents and grandkids can get in a lot of bonding time as they visit the monkeys or the reptile house. Snap pictures of the red pandas, grab some pricey concessions and just enjoy a day out together learning some fun animal facts.

Things to do with Grandparents in Houston: Fun activities for seniors and kids – continued

4. Visit Miller Outdoor Theatre

Miller Outdoor Theatre is a great resource for family-friendly entertainment that’s 100% free. You can opt to sit on the hill, picnic-style, or try to get a ticket for the covered seating area, but you won’t ever have to pay a cent that’s not a voluntary donation. What’s especially great about Miller is that the programming changes from week to week–one week, the theatre will be staging a Bollywood dance performance.

The next, you might see jazz or a tribute to Selena on the calendar. For older kids who are music, dance, or theater lovers, this is one of the best activities for grandparents and kids to share. It gives them a chance to bond over a common interest and make memories that last for years.

5. Go on a Photo Tour

places to take pictures in houston

courtesy Uptown Houston

Speaking of making memories, one way to memorialize your time with someone is to take plenty of pictures together. There are quite a few places in Houston that are worth visiting just for the photo opportunity they present–the Waterwall, the Sabine Street Bridge, and Graffiti Park, for instance.

A fun way to get to know Houston is to go around to various parks, museums, and landmarks taking pictures with your loved ones.

6. Head to the Park

Discovery Green, Levy Park, and Buffalo Bayou Park always have plenty of activities for grandparents and kids to enjoy together and pretty, scenic areas to stroll around. Picnics are also a given. Whether you’re looking for a place to watch movies in the park, see bats in their natural habitats, or just enjoy a nice green space, there’s a park for you.

Things to do with Grandparents in Houston – continued

7. Spend some time at a farm!

Things to do with Grandparents in Houston - 7 acre woods farm

Grandparents and kids will enjoy spending time outdoors, enjoying attractions like a giant sandbox, horseshoes, and basketball

  • What’s Included: Access to mini-golf, petting zoo, zip line, scooter track, chalk room, giant lego room, giant chess, basketball, soccer, tetherball, football, puppet house, playground, and swing set.
  • Pony rides, hayride, barrel car train rides, and extras are not included, available only Saturday and Sunday for an additional fee.
  • Paintball, pony rides, hayride, barrel car train rides, and extras are not included; available only Saturday and Sunday for an additional fee.

8. Go underneath the city with the Underground Tunnel Tour of Downtown Houston

Things to do with grandparents in Houston - 10 fun activities near you for seniors & kids!

Did you know that Houston has the most extensive downtown tunnel system in the US? Join us on our Underground Tunnel tour (air-conditioned) without outdoor views for an in-depth look at the incredible metropolis below ground-floor in Texas’ largest business district including the most award-winning downtown skyscrapers which host many of Texas’ most noteworthy Fortune 500 corporate headquarters & historical venues.

As part of this day tour, we will visit multiple historical and artistic sections of Downtown Houston’s tunnels as well as the corporate buildings that lie on top of them. Make sure to bring your smile and camera as we will provide you with unique photo-op opportunities and inside secrets that most native Houstonians don’t even know about!

9. Explore the galaxy at the  Space Center Houston

Things to do with grandparents in Houston - 10 fun activities near you for seniors & kids!

The award-winning Space Center Houston is one of Houston’s most popular family attractions and takes visitors behind the scenes of the NASA Johnson Space Center. Filled with interactive exhibitions, multi-media displays, cutting-edge technology, and fascinating space artifacts, there’s something to amaze and entertain all ages.

Full-day entrance ticket to the Space Center Houston includes the NASA Tram, Mission Briefing Center, and Starship Gallery Choice of entrance times throughout the day

10. Go under the sea at the Houston Downtown Aquarium 

houston aquarium deals

Travel the world’s underwater treasures at the Houston Downtown Aquarium, where elaborate exhibits showcase unique aquatic environments. A recreation of the Louisiana swampland’s marshes and bayous crawls with gators and snapping turtles, and a 17th-century shipwreck gives visitors an intimate view into a Spanish galleon’s hull and the coral reefs that surround it.

The adventure doesn’t end at meal time. Basking in the glow of the 150,000-gallon aquarium and its denizens—including reticulated rays, sawfish, and shovel-nosed guitarfish—families can nosh on New Orleans–style tilapia and shrimp platters or tried-and-true kids’ favorites such as popcorn shrimp and sand dollar pizza.

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