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If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram picture, you might want to take a look at Houston’s parks, museums, and walls. That last one might seem a little odd, but there are quite a few art pieces scattered throughout Houston in the form of murals, color blocking, and paint drips.

If you’re more interested in archways and trees–maybe you’re looking for a place to take a picture for your engagement or your daughter’s quinceañera–there are definitely good options for you, too. We’ve put together a list of the best places to take pictures in Houston for you to choose from.

Where to Take Pictures in Houston? 

1. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

places to take pictures in houston

courtesy Uptown Houston

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is one of the favorite choices for places to take pictures in Houston for an obvious reason. The park’s centerpiece and namesake is a massive waterfall fountain. The water feature is 64 feet tall and has a grassy area out front. It makes for a classic backdrop.
Where: 2800 Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX 77056

2. Buffalo Bayou Park

courtesy Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Buffalo Bayou Park has a few different things to offer in the way of photo shoot opportunities. One is the Sabine Street Bridge, pictured above, a classic bridge lined with street lamps that make it a good place for photos no matter the time of day. The bridge gives a clear view of the Houston skyline, so it makes for iconic pictures. In the park proper, you can take pictures in front of the bayou or the Wortham Center Waterfall. You can also take advantage of the park’s unrivaled view of downtown Houston.
Where: 1800 Allen Pkwy &, Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77019

3. Sugar and Cloth Color Wall

places to take pictures in Houston

courtesy Downtown Houston

A perfect spot for people looking for simple but colorful backdrops,  the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall is a wall painted in bright, pastel color-blocked squares. It was tailor-made for photography purposes, and anybody can drop by and use it when they want to. You can also take advantage of the color-blocked rainbow staircase as a place to set up group photos.
Where: 1201 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77002

4. Smither Park

courtesy Smither Park

Smither Park is not so concerned with simplicity. This park is an ongoing art project focused on creating mosaic sculptures using found objects. The park is filled with surreal and unusual art pieces such as giant butterflies, cats with forks for whiskers, and banjo-playing raccoons. The fact that you can interact with this three-dimensional art (and sometimes even sit on it) means that you can take some truly fascinating pictures.
Where: 2441 Munger St, Houston, TX 77023

5. Biscuit Paint Wall

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The Biscuit Paint Wall is exactly what the name suggests; it’s a wall with paint on it. More specifically, it’s a wall with neon paint that has been artfully dripped on it to create a backdrop for photos. The wall is located in the parking lot of a home goods store called Biscuit. There’s even a designated hashtag posted beside the lot to remind you to tag the wall when you post your pictures.
Where: 1435 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

6. Hermann Park

courtesy Hermann Park Conservancy

Hermann Park has quite a few places to choose from, including the Japanese Garden, the lakefront plazas, and McGovern Centennial Park. If you’re looking for interesting architecture, there’s the Mecom Rockwell Colonnade and the Friendship Pavilion. The former is in a more Classical Western style of architecture, while the latter was a gift from the city of Taipei.
Where: 1500 Hermann Dr, Houston, TX 77004

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7. Graffiti Park

Photo credit Kyle M. on Yelp

For a striking and unusual background to your photos, visit the open-air museum known as Graffiti Park. This is a cluster of buildings on Leeland Street covered in elaborate graffiti. The art changes from one year to the next, but you can always be sure that there will be something there that will make for a good picture.
Where: 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003

8. Mercer Botanic Gardens

places to take pictures in Houston

courtesy Mercer Botanic Gardens

Mercer Botanic Gardens is a good choice if you’re looking for something more nature-focused in your photos. Depending on the time of year, you might get a backdrop of fall foliage, bright spring flowers, or vibrant greenery. You’ll also get to see plants you may never have seen before. There are garden sculptures and wooden playground equipment that make for good additions to photos, as well.
Where: 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble, TX 77338

9. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

places to take pictures in Houston

courtesy BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is one of the places to take pictures in Houston that has incredible architecture. It’s not in Houston proper, though–it’s actually in Stafford. This sprawling architectural marvel is a traditional Hindu temple with ornate sculptures and hand-carved wall designs. As beautiful as it is during the day, the building is often lit up in colored lights at night. Entry is free, although visitors are asked to wear modest clothing and wear shoes when entering the temple.
Where: 1150 Brand Ln, Stafford, TX 77477

10. Discovery Green


Discovery Green

Courtesy of Discovery Green Facebook Page

Discovery Green is a great place to visit for fun pictures. The park is home to several art installations, including brightly colored block walls and twisted modern sculptures. There are also plenty of big, shady trees, fountains, and if you’re in the mood to try your hand at shooting from the water, kayaks for rental. Currently, there’s a mural exhibition on display in Discovery Green, as well. Take photos of downtown Houston from the hill or use the long alley lined with trees as a backdrop; you have a lot of options to choose from.
Where: 1500 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010


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